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Facelift is also surgically possible, except for surgery performed with a facelift band and non-surgical, facelift injections. Face Lift

What is the procedure for a Face Lift?
Facelift is also surgically possible, except for surgery performed with a facelift band and non-surgical, facelift injections. If a person applies due to necessity and / or aesthetic dissatisfaction, if sagging skin and sagging abnormalities are detected as a result of an examination by a competent doctor, it is also not difficult to eliminate these problems with face-lift surgery Along with the development of technology, both the costs of such operations decrease and the fact that the process of surgery and its aftermath has gained momentum increases the demand for this approach. When planning surgery, it is important to understand how aging affects the face, where and in what direction facial deformity occurs based on pictures of the patient's youth.
There is a common belief that only the skin is stretched when someone undergoes a face lift surgery. However, this is not correct With an operation that will give an accurate and successful result, the skin will be shaped in three dimensions. With the help of an incision in the skin, the connective tissue under the skin, the simulating muscle and the downwardly sagging tissue are intervened . With the help of these deep tissue techniques, the loosened, sagging areas on the face are moved to their correct locations and the existing problems are eliminated. One of the main concerns about face lift surgeries is whether there will be any scars after the procedure. There is no visible scar after a face lift surgery is performed, because the surgery is done through small incisions that are barely visible. In classical methods, healing decisions eventually become invisible because they are in front of and behind the ear, and natural lines of the face have been placed between them.

What year was this surgery performed?
The age restriction for this procedure is usually 50 years old. This operation is beneficial to the vast majority of persons over the age of 50. However, persons who have previously had their skin wrinkled and sagging can have this procedure at a younger age.
You can get an idea of the effect of this operation by stretching your cheeks in the mirror and dragging them towards your ears. This procedure might be right for you, especially if you have neck sagging.
What Methods Are Used in Face Lift Surgery?
* Forehead lift (frontal lift• and eyebrow lift
it is the process of open or endoscopic intervention of a person in the eyebrow and forehead area above it.
* Temple lift (temporal lift)
it is an intervention performed on the edge of the person's eye and the edge of the eyebrow.
• Midface lift (midface lift)
it is the process of re-suspending the sagging cheek area by entering it from the lower eyelid area.
• Face lift (ritidectomy, face lift)
it is the process of shaping the tissue under the skin and removing excess skin with an incision starting from the ear border.
* Neck lift (neck lift)
it often involves extending the incision line behind the ear with a face lift and tightening the subcutaneous tissue in the neck area with an incision made under the chin and removing excess skin.


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