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Body Aesthetics : A new you, Waiting for the ripening of the conditions for a new beginning is the beginning itself, which perfects the conditions.Body Aesthetics

A new you,
Waiting for the ripening of the conditions for a new beginning is the beginning itself, which perfects the conditions.

One of the newest trends in body shaping surgeries is to make an artistic look at the body and work like a sculptor on the body. It is a subject where our aesthetic surgeons also receive top trainings.

In the concept of body aesthetics, it is necessary to evaluate the body as a whole, not as a single region. Women in proportion to the body arms , round breasts , a thin waist , rounded hips, thighs of the leg and the lines of did like the touch, but does not contact the general lines where arzulanir ,while men are more muscular arms and chest of a view, under the arm of the body to occur without lubrication triangular lines the abdominal muscles (six-pack) regional projections are available, and the overall body, it is possible to talk about the lines in the back without lubrication.

We are at your side as MEDICINE HEALTH CENTER to contribute to your new beginning in all branches and operations on the way to holistic beauty that thinks about the body as a whole.
 Tummy Tuck Aesthetics
Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure in which excess fat and sagging skin tissue in the middle and lower abdomen are removed and the abdominal muscles are tightened by stretching, it is not a treatment for obesity.

It is possible to achieve a brand new abdominal form with an aesthetic tummy tuck surgery called abdominoplasty if there is abdominal fat and the abdominal muscles are relaxed, the gaps are opened, and the abdomen is sagging. The excess skin and subcutaneous fat tissue, which is usually generated by folding the abdomen, is removed below the belly button during aesthetic tummy tuck surgery, and the abdominal wall and abdominal muscles are tightened.
This technique has a favorable effect of sagging and wrinkled skin. Self-confidence and self-confident definitions can identify stretching of the aesthetic vessel.

Aesthetics of Arm/Leg Stretching
After excessive weight gain and loss in the arm and leg area, sagging that is the result of a decrease in the elasticity of the skin at an advanced age, or in cases related to a genetic predisposition at an earlier age, sagging, cracks in the arms and legs are likely to occur.
Conditions such as loosening and reduction of subcutaneous support tissue in the arms and legs, excessive and inappropriate accumulation of adipose tissue can lead to the need for this surgery in the arms and legs.
With arm and leg stretching, you can have more taut, younger-looking arms and legs.

By making appropriate incisions from the appropriate areas, excess and flabby skin and subcutaneous surpluses are removed. As a result of the operation, scars may remain in invisible places on the body. These scars are usually in the area near the armpit and on the inside of the arm, which are the least visible places for the arms when viewed from the outside. For leg stretching, the groin area is hidden in the inner part of the leg and in the fold area under the buttocks. Along with arm lift surgery, liposuction surgery is also often performed. In this way, subcutaneous adipose tissue is reduced more and more sagging skin can also be removed.

The number of fat cells in the adult human body is constant. After puberty, the number of fat cells does not increase, but the volume of fat cells increases .This, in turn, leads to an increase in weight .Eating habits and lifestyle are the most important factors in people's weight gain and loss.
Proper diet and exercise and a regular lifestyle are essential to get rid of excess weight. However, even in people who meet these requirements,there may be persistent fat deposits that do not disappear. Certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen, waist, hips, outer and inner sides of the thighs, knees, are areas of fat accumulation that are resistant to diet and exercise. Excess fat in these areas is eliminated to some extent by diet and exercise, more exercise and diet result in disruption of the body's overall metabolism instead of thinning in these areas.
Liposuction is an operation in which fat deposits in certain parts of the body are removed from the body by suction with a special vacuum or special injectors. It is definitely not a slimming surgery, but a body contour correction surgery. With this operation, its volume is increased, diet- and exercise-resistant adipose tissue is removed from the body, while the number of existing fat cells is also reduced.

The inner lips of the vagina area are called minus, and the outer lips are called majus. There may be differences in the size of the inner lips and outer lips. Labium Aesthetics, on the other hand, is a procedure that is lubricated to intervene in disorders of the inner lip.
As another condition, the inner lips may be more drooping or large in some people. Such conditions impair the aesthetics of the genital area. It can also cause problems such as pain, irritation, during intercourse. In addition, it can negatively affect a person because there will be friction when playing sports, wearing tight clothes, or wearing a bikini, swimsuit. It is also known as labium (inner lip aesthetics). Because the labium area is too large, it causes excessive secretion, it is a condition that will require the use of pads even outside the menstrual period. This condition can cause a bad smell in the area and affect the person negatively in a psychological sense.
These are operations performed to eliminate deformities located in the inner lip area. The area of the inner lip is called the labium, the operation performed on this part is called labioplasty. Lapioplasty is an operation that can be performed for every woman. With this procedure, no damage to the hymen will occur. There are no problems with getting pregnant or giving birth after the procedure. Labioplasty aesthetic operation increases the Jun of individuals to pleasure by affecting sexual life in a good way.
* Trim Labioplasty: This operation is performed with general or spinal anesthesia. The inner lips are cut with scissors to reduce the size of the area and the planting process is performed.
* Wedge Labiaplasty: In this method, triangular tissue is removed from the middle part of the inner lip. The remaining tissues are sewn together. It is usually applied to people with large and fleshy labia. This surgery varies depending on the condition of the woman's vagina. It is usually a 1-2 hour procedure. After the operation, it is discharged depending on the patient's condition. it must be under the supervision of a doctor for 2 months.
* Laser Labioplasty: This procedure is similar to the trim labioplasty method. Laser is used instead of scissors in the operation of this type of vagina aesthetics surgery. This procedure can be performed under general or spinal anesthesia. Depending on the condition of the vagina, the operation may take 1-2 hours. If the operation was performed in the morning, the patient can be discharged on the same day after performing routine checks. it should be under the supervision of a doctor for 1-2 months.
* Radiofrequency Labioplasty: This method is a technique similar to the laser method. The only difference is that radio frequency is used. It is usually the most preferred method. It has a superior effect compared to other methods. In the laser process, the tissue is burned and cut, while in the radio frequency method, the tissue is evaporated and cut cold. There is no tissue destruction in the process.
It is an effective and popular application for those who want to add volume to their butt, give shape and reveal their body curves. Usually, the desired shape is achieved by removing unwanted fat in certain areas of the body by liposuction and injecting it into the butt after undergoing a special procedure. In this way, the patient gets rid of both unwanted fat and gets the butt shape he wants
This operation takes between 2 and 4 hours depending Dec the detail of the operation to be performed. After this procedure, patients should be careful while sitting and lying down for a while and protect the butt area from pressure. After a week of rest, he can return to work.


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