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Neurosurgery in other words, the brain and nervous system disorders, or tumors arising from the brain and spinal cord tissue pressing on the treatment of the tissues, as well as low back and neck pain, including head and spinal cord injuries, brain blockages in the arteries and bleeding in the brain, an aneurysm of the vein in the brain and spinal cord so baloncuklasma is the branch of science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as.Neurosurgery

Narrowing of the vessels in the neck and emerging diseases in new born babies during the formation of the nervous system, epilepsy who do not respond to drug therapy, diseases that affect many vital functions, such as Parkinson's chosen cases that interfere with the surgical methods section. Derived from the words neuron and neurosurgery, the dictionary meaning of neurosurgery is "healing wounds of the nervous system". Diagnosis and treatment of diseases occurring in both adult and child patient groups are carried out in the clinic of brain and nervous diseases.

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