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Check-Up , in other words detection of disease findings in internal organs in Medicine Health Center Check-up Center :Check-Up

Risk analyzes are carried out for the determination of hidden sugar, cholesterol, heart, liver, breast, uterine, large intestine diseases and the most common types of cancer, the possible risks brought by gender and lifestyle and for early diagnosis. Check-up programs specific to age, gender and risk groups are carried out In addition to this, there are also Check-up programs in which personal analyzes are made.

It is recommended that the general health control be done regularly, at least once a year, for people who have no complaints or diseases. The recommended repetition time may vary according to familial risk factors (Cancer, Coronary Artery disease, etc.). 

If you say, “Prevention of the disease is much easier and more economical than treatment; Check-up packages that we have prepared specially for you are at your service in our hospital.

We are happy to provide solutions to your health problems.

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