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What is Lengthening SurgeryLengthening Surgery

Extended surgery is an orthopedic surgery performed to extend the length of the leg for health or aesthetic reasons. Surgery that can be performed on the arm as well as the leg is performed by cutting the bone to be stretched and using an external or internal fixator to widen the gap between the unbonded ends. Every day, the slightly expanded cavity bone is stretched and new bone is formed in the open area. Height growth is provided by the body's own bones, soft tissues, ligaments, blood vessels, the nerves that surround and support it, and the body's ability to form new bone. You don't have to take bones from another part of your body.

Lengthening Surgery ?
 Extended surgery is an orthopedic surgery performed to stretch the bones of the arms and legs, usually for therapeutic purposes and sometimes for aesthetic reasons, in people with closed growth plates. Extension is a surgical incision in the bone, which is done by separating the cut pieces of bone to a length of about 1 mm per day. As a result, new bone tissue is formed in the open cavity and bone extension is achieved. Achieving new bone formation by separating the bones from each other is called distraction osteogenesis. If you plan to extend up to 8 cm, you can only operate on the femur or tibia. If you need an extension of 10 cm or more, you need to extend both bones. The extension procedure is performed only on the bone. Muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, and other soft tissues attach to the bone and the procedure is stepped in, automatically adapting to stretching. November For this purpose, physiotherapy at the appropriate site will facilitate the procedure. Height extension surgery can be performed from the age of 3-4. The number of surgeries performed on a child depends on the degree of conciseness calculated. For children over the calculated shortness, the intervention is planned in two stages, around the age of 10.

What Are The Types Of Lengthening Surgery?
Gradual lengthening techniques according to the devices used;
External fixation (Ilizarov technique)
Internal fixation (Motorized nail)
It can be classified into 3 groups in a combined technical way.
For a long time, external fixators, also called Ilizarov's technique and applied externally to the leg, have been used in lengthening surgery. But now these devices have been replaced by internal fixators that are placed inside the body and can be controlled from the outside. Internal fixators are placed inside the body with a small incision, and the cosmetic results are better. Because there is as much trace left on the external devices as the amount of extension performed on the legs. In the combined technique, both internal and external fixators are used.


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