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With its health investments, Turkey is one of the most important health tourism countries in the worldHair Transplant


With its health investments, Turkey is one of the most important health tourism countries in the world. Our country, which has convenient transportation, is one of the world's leaders in hair transplantation treatments.Our hair transplantation procedures are performed at Medicine Health Center, which has a world-class 75.000 m2 closed medical area, 18 operating rooms, one of which is hybrid, 450 beds, and the newest equipment. Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution to hair loss-related thinning and baldness.Hair follicles from the patient's nape are harvested and implanted into the channels formed in the places where baldness or thinning develops during the hair transplantation procedure. A hair transplant is a microsurgical procedure carried out under local anesthetic. As a result, it should be done in a hospital setting with the assistance of an anesthesiologist. Hair transplantation is the most successful way of hair augmentation for the permanent removal of baldness caused by genetic or physiological factors. 
In Turkey, professional doctors and hospitals use new methods. The Fue Technique is the most recent technique.

What is the procedure for hair transplantation? 
The first step in the hair transplantation procedure is to determine where the grafts will be implanted in the region where there is no hair. For patients who don't have enough hair follicles on their neck, grafts might be removed from the arm or chest wall. The treatment may take many hours, depending on the person's health and lack of hair. The process might be split into two sessions if the hair loss is severe. Local anesthetic is used for the surgery. The head is closed when the treatment is completed, and the patient is sent home to rest. It is feasible to return to normal life after a short period of time. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the demand for hair transplants.

Is Hair Transplant Right for You? 
People who are concerned about their appearance, those who desire more hair, in short, anybody who wants hair can benefit from a hair transplant. People who desire to look good generally play around with their hair. You can undergo a hair transplant if you believe you don't have enough hair. Hair transplantation can also be done on skin that has been burned or injured. If you have experienced an unfortunate event and this has caused you to lose hair, you can have a hair transplant. When you want to have a hair transplant, you will see different alternative options. Choosing a hair transplant center right here brings with it important gains.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed in Women?
How is hair transplantation done in women who have received great attention lately? Hair transplantation in women is carried out according to the plan determined jointly by the doctor and the patient. In line with the information given by the physician, the procedure can be started after the positive and negative aspects of the transplantation process are evaluated by the patient. There are certain methods for hair transplantation. After these methods are determined, hair transplantation is performed in women. Forehead reduction can also be performed for women.
It can be applied to women who complain of a wide forehead or who do not have enough hair in the forehead area due to genetic reasons. Some people may apply to this process to provide the face and forehead ratio. This process is done by increasing the hair transplantation and hair plane in addition to your forehead hair. Forehead reduction is performed by pulling the hairline forward a few inches. It is necessary to take part in a sensitive research process, especially about the places where hair transplantation is performed.                           
How is the forehead line determined in hair transplantation? For those who do not like the width of the forehead, forehead narrowing can be applied. This process can be requested by people who want to capture an aesthetic image. In hair transplantation, the forehead line should be determined correctly. For a beautiful appearance, the forehead line is chosen according to some criteria. One of these criteria is to determine the line connected to the golden ratio.
The golden ratio is a concept that helps you to catch the harmony of the pieces so that you look more beautiful. Another criterion is to determine the forehead line according to the ratio of 1/3 according to your face ratio. This is important for a proportional face. Mathematically, it will make your face look more beautiful. The last detail is your age. Determining a forehead line according to your age will preserve your naturalness.

The basic stages of flocking

 1. Hair follicle collection
 After the donor area is prepared for the procedure, the hair follicles are extracted one by one using the FUE motor. In the meantime, it is very important not to damage the roots. Each of these roots, called a graft, contains an average of 2-3 hairs.
 2. Open channel 
Opening channels at the right size and depth for your region will affect your hair growth rate. Care must be taken to open a channel suitable for the size and length of the hair follicle to be transplanted. The angle of the channel also needs to be adjusted appropriately to get the most natural view possible. 
3. Plant roots in an open canal 
At the final stage, the collected roots are inserted into open channels one by one at a 40*45 degree angle to complete the flocking.

What are Hair Transplantation Techniques?
Hair transplantation process has different methods in its field. These hair transplantation methods are FUE and DHI methods. These methods should be chosen as a result of discussions between the doctor and the patient. The doctor and the patient should discuss the pros and cons of the method to be used in the operation together and then determine the method. You can make an appointment for the hair transplant process together with the determined method. Hair transplant places should apply different methods and techniques in a comprehensive way.

Differences Between FUE and DHI Hair Transplant

The differences between FUE and DHI hair transplantation are very obvious and different technologies and techniques are used. In the FUE procedure, the skin is cut, the channels are opened and the transplantation is performed. In DHI, however, there are no channels and sowing is done with special technology tools.
Recovery time may be longer after FUE procedure. Returning to social life and work may take a little more time. In DHI, on the other hand, there is a faster return to social and business life. Both processes have their pluses and minuses relative to each other. Therefore, you should make the right decision together with your doctor.

Currently, the following hair transplant methods have been successfully used. Each method is applied by making specific choices according to the patient's needs and requirements. The common opinion of doctors and patients about which method to use is effective.

1. Robotic Hair Surgery
In the robotic hair transplant method, hair follicles are collected by the hair transplant robot. After the channels are opened with a hair transplant robot, the collected roots are planted manually.

2. Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
In the Sapphire FUE hair transplantation method, a special sapphire tip pen is used instead of the metal slit during the grooving phase. What makes the method different is these sapphire tips, which allow smaller micro-channels to be opened, thus accelerating the healing process and reducing crusting.

3. DHI Hair Transplant  (Unshaven)
In the DHI hair transplantation method, which is also called direct hair transplantation, the process of opening and transplanting the canal using a medical pen called choi is performed at the same time. Since the hair follicles to be transplanted will remain outside for a shorter period of time, the grafts are more likely to remain healthy. 

In the FUE hair transplantation method, the hair follicles collected and separated using a micro motor are transplanted into manually opened channels.

Which is the Best Hair Transplant Method?
In fact, it would not be the right approach to qualify a method as the best hair transplant method. The technique that your doctor will choose according to your hair structure will be the best. You can get all the information about the choice from your doctor.


How many hours does the Hair Transplantation Operation take, is there any pain or pain felt during the operation?
The operation takes an average of 6-7 hours. During the operation, general anesthesia is strictly not performed and the patient is not given narcosis. The patient, who is administered local anesthesia or sedation, takes the procedure by chatting.
Since hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, the feeling of pain or pain is minimal. Another method used in addition to local anesthesia is sedation. With sedated hair transplantation, it is a method that can be applied to our patients who are quickly excited and have a high level of anxiety..

How many days should I plan for flocking? Considering preparation and post-treatment, it is sufficient for the patient to schedule two days for flocking. In this two-day process; 
Day 1 (October): At our hospital, we perform hair transplantation and PRP treatment.
 Day 2 (control and wash-free solution application): Our patients are placed in our hospital and checked for root damage, bleeding and infection. Medicine health Center specialists and experienced teams apply special care solutions in the form of sprays to areas where hair is transplanted. A brand new and comfortable recovery period is provided by a fast-healing flock. Follow-up on the second day By spraying 1015 times every 3 hours for 67 days after flocking, lightly apply a spray solution that has moisturizing, germination and wound healing effects. 910 days after flocking, the scalp heals almost completely and the scab is removed. Complete results will take 6-18 months.

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