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​Eye Diseases That Occur With Age?

​Eye Diseases That Occur With Age?As human age progresses, we can say that the eye is the first organ to be affected.

The worst feature of the eye is its insidious progression. Therefore, eye examination should not be neglected. Other diseases can damage the eye.
Presbyopia (Age-related near vision impairment):
It is an age-related near vision impairment, usually occurs in the 40s.
The lens of the eye ages and cannot focus up close.
Blurred vision develops in near vision.
Visual impairment is usually corrected with glasses. Contact lens, laser, putting lenses in the eye are other treatment applications.
Eyelid Problems 
Eyelid drooping (ptosis); It is the drooping of the eyelid due to the loss of elasticity of the lid tissue. If it is obstructing vision, it can be corrected with surgery.
Inward (entropion) or outward turning (ectropion) of the lids can be seen due to aging. The treatment is surgery.
Skin cancer; Non-healing wounds on the edge of the lid can be seen as long-term swellings. It is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist in the early period.

Dry Eye 
As a person ages, tear production decreases.
There is stinging, burning, dryness, redness.
As it progresses, there is a feeling of sand.
Apart from aging, it can also develop due to rheumatic diseases, eyelid diseases, drugs used for other diseases (such as blood pressure, allergy, heart, stomach drugs).
Diagnosis is made by examination and some tests.
In treatment, artificial tear drops are usually given.

Crying Eyes
It is seen due to tear duct obstruction.
The treatment is surgery.

It is the appearance of the shadows floating in front of the eyes while looking at the screen (flying fly).
It usually occurs after the age of 40. It occurs earlier in those who have had cataract surgery, in myopic eyes, and in eyes with a history of trauma.
If it occurs suddenly and intensely, a physician should be consulted.
It may have been caused by a tear or bleeding in the retina (under the eye). Inspection is required in a short time.

Flashes of Light
It feels like a lightning bolt.
It can be a sign of retinal tear.

An eye examination is required as soon as possible.
Those with a family history of eye disease and those in the risk group should be examined more frequently. Progression of the disease should not be expected. Sometimes a single examination is enough for early detection of the disease. Take your own precautions and especially; 
stay away from cigarettes,
Have an adequate and balanced diet
Use sunglasses, a brim hat
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