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Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent Ear Surgery?The prominent ear problem, which bothered people for life in the past, has become a problem that can be easily solved with simple methods today

Prominent ears, which have become a nightmare for school-age children, must be treated at the right time and using the right techniques. Prominent ear surgery, which is a simple aesthetic surgery operation that does not carry serious risks, is an operation that should be performed under hospital conditions by a plastic surgeon who is an expert in his field. It is performed by applying local or general anesthesia in line with the surgeon's recommendation, taking into account the age of the patient. Although it varies according to the level of the problem in the ear, the operation, which is usually completed in a period of 45-90 minutes, does not require hospitalization. Depending on the ear structure, the technique and preference of the surgeon, the operation can be performed in front of or behind the ear. By applying an aesthetic operation to the root cause of the problem, the ear cartilages are usually shaped as they should be and the ear is repositioned backwards. At the end of the surgery, special bands are attached to the ear for 1-2 weeks and then removed. The incisions applied during the surgery generally remain behind the ear and no traces that may cause aesthetic problems are formed. The surgery does not affect hearing during or after recovery, and the person can easily continue his normal life. The recovery period in prominent ear surgery, which is performed quite simply and quickly, takes a maximum of 1-2 weeks. At the end of this process, the prominent ear appearance completely disappears and the person has ears that look natural and as they should be.
What is the Age of Scone Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)?

Otoplasty can be done to anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of the ear. Natural and patient-satisfying results can be obtained with various otoplasty techniques for pathologies such as ear size and prominent protrusion (absence or weakness of the antihelix and hypertrophy of the cavum turbinate) that bother the patients. Especially in preschool children, 5 years of age is the ideal time. The fact that the prominent ear is a joke at school has a very negative effect on child psychology.

In Which Areas Is Blepharoplaty Applied?
Blearoplasty is a surgical operation that can be observed by other users, can be applied to the lower or upper lids, is performed by removing the sagging excess skin and muscle system and shaping the tissues around the eyes.

Is There an Age Limit for Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Aesthetics) ?
Eyelid aesthetics is mostly performed by people over the age of 35. This is because the signs of aging appear after this age. However, this procedure can be applied to patients at any age who need it medically. After the operation, the tired facial expression in the person is removed and the person is given a more lively appearance.

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