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Celebrities' Choice of Spring Thread

Celebrities' Choice of Spring ThreadCelebrities,starting from the age of 30-65, Women resort to the French Sling in the modern era and with the advancement of technology, without noticing men.

From the age of 30, a decrease in the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the face area begins
.Thus, it leads to wrinkles on the skin.
.The French Sling, which stands out as one of the non-surgical face lifts, can be defined as stretching the skin with flexible ropes made of polyester on the inside and silicone on the outside that are compatible with the skin texture. Since this development is located in         France, it is called the French
 Thread Lift.    The most preferred reason is that people's sagging skin should be lifted up and without surgery.It allows them to always maintain their youthful appearance.
To Which Regions Can the French Sling Be Applied?
The French sling application can be applied to the following areas of the face:
Oval parts of the face,Cheekbones,Cheeks, Under the chin,Neck,Eyebrows.
The regions where the procedure can be applied in our body can be listed as follows:

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