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Unconscious use of painkillers

Unconscious use of painkillersThe painkiller group and dose to be preferred varies according to the condition of the person and the disease, the accompanying diseases and the drugs used.

It should not be forgotten that painkillers used unconsciously can harm the person.
The most common side effects in the use of pain relievers are digestive tract problems. This group of pain relievers can cause serious problems such as bleeding in the digestive system, ulcer development, stomach or intestinal perforation.
In addition, these painkillers can cause potentially fatal clot-related events in the cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. It should be kept in mind that blood pressure, which is under control with treatment, may increase with the use of this group of painkillers.
Especially in asthma patients, some painkillers can worsen the disease and cause the patient to have an asthma attack. Much more care should be taken in the use of painkillers in this group of patients.
Unconsciously used painkillers can cause damage to many organs, especially the kidneys and liver.
The use of painkillers in pediatric patients, during pregnancy and breastfeeding should be under the control of a physician.


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