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Treatment of lymphoma

Treatment of lymphoma​* Active surveillance: In slow-progressing types of lymphoma,

The doctor may sometimes want to wait until the symptoms reach a level that disrupts everyday life and keep the patient under observation with periodic tests.
* Biological therapy: In this treatment, the immune system is stimulated with drugs to attack cancer.
* Antibody therapy: Synthetic antibodies that respond to cancer toxins are introduced into the bloodstream.
• Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a drug treatment used to destroy cancer cells. The drug is most often administered intravenously, but sometimes it can also be taken as a pill.
• Radiation therapy: In this treatment, concentrated doses of radiation are used to kill cancer cells.
* Radioimmunotherapy: In this treatment, high-power radioactive doses are given directly to cancer B and T cells to strengthen them.
• Bone marrow (stem cell) transplantation: High doses of chemotherapy and radiation are given to suppress the bone marrow first. Then healthy bone marrow stem cells taken from the patient himself or from a donor are transferred to the bloodstream.
* Surgery: If the lymphoma has spread, it may be necessary to remove the spleen or other organs.

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