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Protect your heart with these foods

Protect your heart with these foodsIt is very important to pay attention to your diet against diseases.

You can reduce the risk of many diseases with a healthy and balanced diet. Know that there is no super food in protecting your cardiovascular health, but there are foods that will shield your heart and veins.
It is seen even in children.
Among the chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases take the first place among the causes of death in Turkey as well as in the world. Now, inactivity, obesity and unhealthy diet, which go back to childhood, literally invite heart diseases. Consumption of fast food, excessive alcohol intake and smoking, as well as stress, are among the factors that hit the heart. Therefore, the incidence of heart diseases has been increasing rapidly in recent years. While healthy nutrition is of great importance in its treatment, there are foods that are beneficial and should be avoided. Here are those foods…
It prevents vascular occlusion, reduces blood pressure and blood fats. However, if you are taking anticoagulant or antihypertensive medication, consult your doctor.
Nuts, walnuts, almonds
It lowers bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, reduces clotting in the blood, and lowers triglyceride levels. Consume 2-3 walnuts, 8-10 raw almonds or hazelnuts every day.
Lycopene, which gives tomatoes their red color, reduces the risk of heart diseases and regulates cholesterol. According to studies, it is more beneficial to consume tomatoes by cooking.
Spinach, which is rich in potassium and fiber, controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and ensures regular functioning of the heart muscle. Vegetables like purslane and broccoli are also heart-friendly.
An apple a day reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol, especially with its pectin content.
Dry beans, chickpeas, lentils
Thanks to the fiber they contain, dried legumes help lower the level of bad cholesterol LDL in the blood.
Green tea
With the polyphenolic compounds in it; It prevents the formation of clots, which is the most important cause of heart attack, and lowers bad cholesterol. You can consume 1-2 cups every day. Those with kidney disease should not consume green tea without consulting their physician.
Olive oil
It protects against cardiovascular diseases and lowers bad cholesterol. Do not exceed 2-3 tablespoons per day.
The fish
Fish prevents cardiovascular diseases, lowers bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, and regulates heart rhythm. Since diabetes alone paves the way for heart diseases, those with both diabetes and heart disease should consume fish 2 days a week. But don't fry the fish, grill it.


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