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Recommendations for staying healthy during Ramadan

Recommendations for staying healthy during RamadanThe biggest requirement for staying healthy during Ramadan is the preferences made in suhoor and iftar.

The two biggest mistakes made in Suhoor
1- Suhoor jump:
Both not wanting to get up from sleep and with an appetite that comes from what they eat at iftar, suhoor is only for those who spend it with water, some of them don't even wake up for water. During the time we are fasting, our body continues to need energy. Our blood sugar is dropping. the aim of Suhoor is to reduce muscle loss and damage to a minimum during the fasting hour interval by shortening this period and filling our liver stores. For this reason, we never skip suhoor.

2- Making the wrong choices in Suhoor:
Another mistake made is eating hungover meals on suhoor, consuming too fatty, salty, heavy foods. On the contrary, the choices you will make in suhoor should be light, low-fat, high-fiber, low-salt, easy to prepare and full. Plenty of water should be consumed in suhoor. Suhoor should not be left until the last moment, as he will fall asleep again, because eating and going to bed immediately creates a risk of reflux. There should be a gap of at least half an hour or so after eating.

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