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What Are the Causes of Light Flashing in the Eye?

What Are the Causes of Light Flashing in the Eye?There can be many reasons for a flash of light in the eye. Sometimes it can occur only by pressing and rubbing the eyes.

Rear Vitreous separation

The most common cause is the changes that occur in the vitreous structure due to aging. As a result of disturbances in the structure of the vitreous fluid, the posterior vitreous contracts and comes forward, and the posterior vitreous separates from certain areas of the retina.In this case, patients can describe that there are flashes of light.
Retinal Rupture
When any damage or rupture occurs in the retina, the patient may see objects that become apparent with increasing flashes of light and eye movements. Rupture of the retina is a serious urgent problem. It can cause partial or complete loss of vision.
Migraine is another cause of light flashes. Migraines are divided into two types: with and without aura. In some, migraine manifests itself only with headache, while in some parts of society it occurs with light/aura. This aura is most often observed before the appearance of migraine pain. As a result of unusual electrical currents in the brain, visual disturbances occur, and flashes of light also occur at this time. Most often, such flashes of light last from 10 to 20 minutes and disappear Decently with the onset of migraine pain.
When Should I See a Doctor?
Although flashes of light in the eye are often seen as a normal part of aging, they should be monitored.
Previously non-existent amount of floaters, emergence of repetitive, strong and numerous flashes of bright light from normal occur, as the curtain come down in front of the eye, image formation, difficulty in focusing, in addition to vision, black spots where you see clouds by the patients to be noticed. An ophthalmologist should be consulted for these complaints.
How Is the Diagnosis Made?
The diagnosis is most often made by eye examination following the collection of the patient's anamnesis. In order for the back of the eye to be examined, a drop is instilled that enlarges the pupils of the eyes, and thus the eye is examined.
How Is It Treated?
If the separation of the posterior vitreous occurs normally, that is, without damaging the retina, there is no need for treatment.
If there is a tear in the retina, laser treatment of the retina or retinal surgery may be required. With vitrectomy surgery, the vitreous fluid in the eye is removed and the retina is attached to the eye wall. Since the retinal problems that may occur in each person are different, the details of the operation may also differ.
The reason for the light flashes is that by treating migraine, the light flashes will also disappear as a result of reducing the attacks.
In order not to face a serious problem, it is important not to neglect the annual eye examination, whether we have a complaint or not.

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