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How should it be fed during infancy?

How should it be fed during infancy?Natural nutrition: The most natural way to feed the baby is to give breast milk. Exclusive breastfeeding until the sixth month is the best feeding method.

Artificial nutrition (artificial nutrition): It is a form of nutrition made with other milk or formula without breast milk. While feeding the baby, a bottle and a spoon suitable for the baby should be used.
Mixed nutrition: In case of insufficient breast milk or after a certain month, feeding in the form of giving other milk and additional nutrients together with breast milk is called "mixed nutrition".
No matter which way they are fed, whether natural, artificial or mixed, the symptoms of "malnutrition" that children show are common.
The following basic principles should be considered in the nutrition of infants:
• Nutrition should be healthy and regular.
• Every child should receive adequate and balanced nutrition from birth, in accordance with his condition and age.
• Breast milk (colostrum) secreted in the first days after birth must be given to the baby.
• If the baby is sucking well and the growth and development is going smoothly, breast milk is enough until the sixth month. Only breast milk should be preferred for feeding the baby.
• For the first 1-1.5 months, the baby should be breastfed every time he cries, and then 5-6 meals should be fed with 3-4 hour intervals.
• The baby's getting used to the bottle may cause the risk of giving up the breast. Therefore, as long as the mother's milk, complementary foods should be given with a spoon. It is also important for the continuation of breast milk. However, in artificial feeding, food should be given not only with a spoon but also with a bottle occasionally. Thumb sucking may occur later if the bottle is not used.
• Additional foods should be started in small amounts and one by one, and the amount should be increased a little more every day.

• Fruit juice and puree, vegetable soup and soups with yoghurt are the first complementary foods to be started in the nutrition of children aged 6-12 months.

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