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What is PCR Test?

What is PCR Test?PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is defined as a common name given to the reactions applied to enzymatically amplify a unique region between two segments of known sequence in DNA.

PCR is known as a diagnostic test and shows the RNA of the virus in coronavirus. In other words, the PCR test is a test performed during the coronavirus process to show the identity of the virus in the body. PCR, which is also used for different diseases, can detect even a very small number of microbes in the body. The PCR test can also be called a molecular diagnostic test. The test can detect the presence of the virus in the body, as well as the antibodies the body produces in response to infection.
Frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus Antibody Test
Is the antibody test done on an empty stomach?
No, for the test, hunger and satiety do not matter.
How is the antibody test done?
It is done by taking a blood sample. Antibody tests are like blood tests. Some blood is taken and then it is checked whether this sample contains antibodies in the laboratory environment.

Why is antibody testing done?
It answers the question of whether you have had a corona virus infection.

Does the antibody test give results about corona?
When exposed to a foreign pathogen that causes the disease, antibodies that live in the blood and tissues in the body begin to reproduce.
These proteins stick to the virus, preventing it from replicating itself and further spreading the infection throughout the body. Thus, it destroys the virus.
An antibody or serology test looks at whether the body is producing these antibodies. Detection of these antibodies indicates that the person is most likely infected with Covid-19 disease caused by the new type of coronavirus.

Where is the antibody test corona done?
It is recommended to be done in full-fledged hospitals.

How many days does the antibody test take?
It comes out the same day.

How long does the antibody test take?
It's out in an hour.

What does antibody test positive mean?
A positive result from the serological test, which detects IGM antibodies against Corona Virus infection, indicates that the person has recently been exposed to the virus. It is a very important parameter that shows that individuals with positive IgG Antibody have had the Covid-19 infection. It is the only method to identify people who have had the disease as symptoms.

Which sample samples do antibody screening tests work on?
Working with a blood sample.

What does the antibody test do?
Indicates that the person has recently encountered the virus. It is the only method to identify people who have had the disease as symptoms.

Who is the antibody test for?
It is necessary in the follow-up of people in the process of returning to work, those with chronic diseases and patients over the age of 65.

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