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​The Benefits of Parsley Juice

​The Benefits of Parsley JuiceLearn more about Benefits of Parsley Juice

The Benefits of Parsley Juice
Greens that add flavor to your salads and meals … Rich in antioxidants, high in fiber, vitamin and mineral stores … Parsley, one of the green leafy vegetables recommended to be consumed in abundance by experts, has many benefits from kidney to oral health.
The leaves of parsley, 100 grams of which is 36 calories, do not contain cholesterol and fat. 100 grams of parsley meets 38 percent of  folate requirement, while providing 14 percent of calcium and 77.5 percent of iron. It also plays a big role in meeting the needs of vitamins A, C and K. So what are the benefits of parsley ? Here are the benefits of the miracle greens parsley…
Parsley Juice For Edema
The flavonglikosidin contained in parsley contributes to the removal of urine. parsley is helpful in kidney stones, gallbladder and urinary tract infections.
Does Parsley Weaken?
A healthy body retains fluid, but as a result of fluid accumulation, such as edema, the body swells. If you have edema problems, you can drink parsley juice. Even a few teaspoons allow you to relax. Add the parsley stalks to 1 cup of boiling water. This helps to remove toxins from the body. Parsley juice is found in detox programs. However, parsley juice, which is unconsciously consumed in excessive quantities sake of slimming, can mislead you about weight.
Its leaves and stem are antiseptic and have a carminative effect.
According to studies, it has been proven that it helps to lower blood sugar levels in those who have diabetes. However, research is ongoing.
Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its beta carotene and vitamin C content. Thus, it has an important place in the control of arthritis.
It acts as a protector against dental and gum diseases. It is also effective in eliminating bad breath.
Thanks to the beta carotene contained in parsley, it protects the health of the retina in people of advanced age. Parsley, which is a good source of vitamin A, has a protective effect on eye health.
When we say parsley, the system comes to mind. Folate with vitamins A, C, K in its content strengthens your system, while vitamin A has a direct effect on lymphocytes and white blood cells. Parsley, which contains chlorophyll, has antibacterial antifungal properties.
It’s good for nausea if it’s not the cause of a serious illness.
It helps to cleanse the liver from toxic substances.
Parsley, which has a high antioxidant content, is also protective against heart health and cancer.
Parsley, which has antioxidant properties due to the content of beta carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, and vitamin C, prevents the formation of free radicals.
Parsley also has a protective effect against heart health and cancer. It is characterized as heart-friendly thanks to its folic acid content, because it helps in reducing the amount of homocysteine, which increases the risk of heart attack. Thanks to its diuretic effect, it has a blood pressure lowering effect. By activating the enzyme glutathione transferase, it performs a protective function against cancer by fighting oxidized molecules. In addition, parsley, which is rich in vitamin K and iron, removes toxins from the body and cleanses the blood. It also helps to cleanse the liver from toxic substances.
How Much Should Parsley Be Consumed?
There should also be a limit to consuming parsley. Because when consumed too much, health problems can be seen. 10 stalks of parsley meet half of the vitamin C needs. Be careful not to drink more than 60 ml of parsley juice. There should also be a limit to consuming parsley. When consumed too much, health problems can be seen. Excessive consumption of parsley should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation. Excessive consumption can be risky as it will increase contractions during pregnancy. During breastfeeding, it can also lead to a decrease in milk secretion due to its diuretic effect.
Parsley is a plant that is rich in oxalatespeople with calcium oxalate stones in the kidneys should not consume too much parsley.
Excessive consumption of parsley can again cause a rash on the skin. It can also cause the skin to become extra sensitive to the sun.
Excessive consumption of parsley is also inconvenient for those who take blood thinners. There is a drug interaction with vitamin K in its content.
Parsley can also be dangerous for those who have hypertension.
Although parsley juice is included in detox programs, be careful. Parsley juice, which is consumed unconsciously in excessive amounts sake of slimming, can cause errors in the scale by making it seem as if slimming has been achieved due to the liquid excreted from the body due to its diuretic effect. As long as the weight loss is not from the fat weight, the right weight loss is out of the question.

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