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Things to Consider After Making a Temporary Prosthesis Over the Implant

Things to Consider After Making a Temporary Prosthesis Over the Implant​Do not feed while under the influence of anesthesia:

If anesthesia is performed during treatment, food should not be eaten until numbness passes, due to the possibility that soft tissues such as tongue, lips, cheeks may be bitten and damaged without realizing it. Again, excessive cold-hot drinks that can damage soft tissues should be avoided.
In the first 1.5 months, eat only soft foods
The most important issue about these coatings is that it should not be forgotten that the implant jaw bone has not yet fused. Since this fusion has not yet taken place, you can only eat the foods we mentioned in the soft foods section in the first 1.5 month period.
Soft foods: all liquids, soup, yogurt, pasta, eggs, rice, lightly soaked bread, boiled vegetables, custard, rice pudding, etc.
Medium-hard foods: all kinds of meat and vegetable dishes cooked in water, tomatoes, soft apples, grilled chicken, peanuts, chocolate, etc.
Hard foods: quince, hard green apple, white chickpeas, chocolate fresh out of the refrigerator, hard bread crust, overcooked hard fibrous meat, etc.
from 1.5 to 3 months, you can gradually start Decongesting soft foods
From the second 1.5 months, you can gradually switch to medium-hard foods. after 3 months, all medium-hard foods can be easily eaten. Actually, 3. Hard foods can also be eaten starting from the month, but these hard foods are inconvenient to eat because they can break the temporary prosthesis. You should not forget that feeding with hard foods prematurely will cause the implant to take too much force in the process of fusing to the bone and will result in the loss of the implant.
Do not disrupt the treatment after temporary prosthetics
By getting used to the temporary prosthesis, you can easily start meeting your daily needs. However, it should be remembered that this prosthesis is not very robust, it can easily break and your teeth can be damaged. It is extremely important for your oral and dental health to have a permanent prosthesis made within the time specified by your doctor.

Don't neglect your oral and dental care
Brush your fixed temporary prosthesis on the implant 2 times a day with an electric or manual hand brush. You can use mouthwash(for example, listerine). Trying to clean between the teeth with a toothpick will cause the Decking to dislodge. That's why you can use dental floss. Do not push too hard in cases where it is difficult for Decontamination of dental floss. One of the best ways to clean between the teeth is to use one of the devices known as a ‘Decontamination shower’ (for example, oralb-oxyjet). These devices mix water and air under pressure and deliver it between the teeth Decently.


Fracture of the prosthesis:
It should be noted that the material from which temporary implant coatings are made is generally acrylic (plastic) based, so it is not very robust. If these coatings break, unstable forces on the implants will lead to the loss of implants for the future.  In case of breakage, substances such as soup, yogurt custard that do not require chewing can be eaten, apart from these, even other foods that fall into the soft group should not be consumed. In such a case, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Dislocation of the prosthesis:
During the treatment stages, temporary dentures are not glued with a very strong adhesive, as they will be inserted and removed several times. Therefore, in case of spontaneous displacement of the implant, come to our clinic without the need to make an appointment. If you are out of town, if you can put the veneer in place, you can place it and attach it to a nearby dentist.

Wearing the prosthesis on the tongue causes discomfort:
It is very natural to feel a certain strangeness to the newly installed prosthesis. In general, the polish of temporary implant-mounted prostheses is not as good as permanent prostheses and rough areas may be found. Every new substance that is inserted into the mouth, this may even be just a filler, soft tissues and tongue will feel strange. In about a week, your tongue will get used to this new prosthesis. If there is a rough edge –surface that will scar your tongue, come to our clinic as much as possible without taking your tongue to that area, or indicate the situation to your doctor during rehearsal sessions. The problem will be solved with a small etching –polishing process.

The pressure of the prosthesis on the teeth-implant:
This condition is usually felt in the case of height in the prosthesis. In other words, it occurs with the early contact of some parts of the prosthesis made before your teeth on other natural teeth or implants come into contact with each other. Since the forces in the mouth will only come to a certain area, pain will occur in the relevant area. Be sure to consult your doctor without wasting time. In this process, consume foods that fall into the group of soft foods as much as possible.

Feeling pain in the teeth under the prosthesis-implant areas:
Pain caused by the gums may occur due to the loosening of temporary dentures.  There may be problems caused by excessive load on the implants before the time comes. Consume soft foods and contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Sensitivity to cold and heat:
Sensitivity to cold and heat:
Since the implant does not feel cold and heat, there should be no such problems. If temporary veneers have been applied to your natural teeth along with the implant in your mouth, such a problem may occur. Since these prostheses are not glued with a strong adhesive as in permanent veneers, leaks may occur and whining may occur in the teeth. The intervals between the prosthesis and the gums can also cause cold and hot sensitivity. The gaps between the prosthesis and the gingiva can also cause cold-hot sensitivity. Such small whines will end after the actual prosthesis is made and glued with the actual adhesive. In cases of such sensitivities, you should avoid cold and hot foods as much as possible.

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