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Things to Consider While Going on a Long Journey

Things to Consider While Going on a Long JourneyDue to the festive holiday, which is expected ol ast for 9 days, employees started to make holiday plans. In our country, road transport is used more intensively than other modes of transport

Along with bus transportation, the use of individual vehicles is increasing day by day. The long duration of public holidays causes people to hit the road with their private vehicles. This means that cautious and reckless drivers increase in traffic. As the number of vehicles increases, the number of accidents also increases at the right rate. According to official data, 728 people lost their lives and 31 thousand 133 people were injured in 14,644 fatal and injured traffic accidents during the last 10 years. Although this is a serious rate, drivers need to be more careful. It is necessary to turn to public transportation vehicles, to use the railway and airway if possible. However, those who will set off with their own vehicle or truck and bus drivers need to be twice as cautious while driving.

Driver health on long or short trips
The health of the driver affects not only the individual drivers but also everyone who is in traffic at that moment. Therefore, vehicle users have to think about other drivers in traffic as well as thinking about themselves during the journey. Although psychological problems are ignored while getting a driver's license, drivers need to be patient while in traffic. People who are nervous as a person, those with diseases such as panic attacks can cause serious accidents with instant panics in places where they should be calm. In addition, it is recommended that drivers not go out on the road on days when such diseases occur, as even diseases that are quite common among the public, such as influenza infection, sinusitis, migraine, can distract drivers while driving. Drivers with sleep problems and distraction should use it for shorter periods of time. Although cola, coffee and energy drinks containing caffeine are seen as sleep-inducing among the public, these drinks do not have any attention-raising feature while driving, except for a short-term stimulant effect. It is recommended that drivers who will set off on a long journey should be well rested and when they feel healthy after a regular sleep.
What are the suggestions to increase attention in traffic?
Distraction is a factor that can happen to any driver. Although this does not prevent drivers from driving, it is a situation that the driver must be aware of. Drivers who are distracted on long journeys should pull their vehicles to a safe place and get fresh air. If getting fresh air and taking a break doesn't help them concentrate, they should sleep. Scientifically, doing something for too long causes attention problems. However, legally, there is a rule of driving a maximum of 9 hours in 24 hours. In addition to this legal limit, it is recommended that drivers take a 15-minute break every 2 hours. Again, one of the common mistakes made while traveling is to consume food or drink. Eating and drinking while driving causes distraction and invites accidents. Drinks spilled into the vehicle while consuming liquid may distract the driver and cause accidents. Talking on the phone while driving is also strictly prohibited legally and is one of the most important factors in the occurrence of accidents. If drivers are going to talk on the phone, they must take a break in a safe place.
What are the equipment that should be in the vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident?
There are legally obligatory first aid supplies in vehicles in traffic. The first aid materials published in the Official newspaper, which should be in the cars, are listed as follows:
• 1 automatic turnstile,
• 2 large bandages,
• 1 patch,
• 3 triangular bandages,
• 10 safety pins,
• 1 stainless scissors,
• 10 band-aids,
• 2 surgical gloves,
• 1 box of gas compress,
• 1 antiseptic solution,
• Artificial respiration mask,
• Whistle,
• Burn cover,
• Hydrophilic cotton.
Users who do not have these materials in their vehicles will be penalized, and those who do not comply with their penalty obligations will be banned from traffic. Remember; All these materials are vital during a possible accident. Before you go on a journey, you should check all the materials and take your precautions.

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