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Risk Factors Triggering Heart Attack

Risk Factors Triggering Heart AttackThere are two important risk factors that trigger the risk of heart attack

The first of these factors is the group of "unchangeable risks" that you cannot make any changes to. We can list the unchangeable risks group as follows:
1- Genetic factors,
2- Age,
3-Being male (The fact that estrogen hormone is protective against the risk of heart attack indicates that the risk of heart attack is higher in men and postmenopausal women.)
Men and those with a family member's history of early heart attack are at greater risk of heart attack. These risks increase in parallel with age.
The second important risk factor is included in the "modifiable risks" group, as it can vary depending on the individual's own efforts. We can list the risk group that can be changed as follows:
2- Diabetes (Diabetes),
3- High blood pressure,
4- Obesity.

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