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What is eye redness?

What is eye redness?Also known as eye redness, eye bleeding is a common problem that almost everyone experiences from time to time in the eye.

Especially changes in outdoor environments windy weather, sun rays and light reflections in snowy environments where there is a lot of blood in the eyes and watering is much more common. Eye redness can occur in one eye or both eyes.

What Are the Causes of Eye Redness?
The blood supply to the eye most often occurs as a result of the expansion of the vessels in the conjunctiva, a thin and transparent membrane that covers the inner surface of the eyelids and the white part of the eye.
Eye redness can usually occur for reasons such as insomnia, digital eye fatigue, focusing for a long time, severe coughing. In addition, eye allergy, dry eye, long-term use of contact lenses, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the eyelash base (blepharitis, meibomite), foreign body leakage into the eye, stye, such as causes of blood in the eye may occur.
However, eye bleeding can sometimes also indicate more serious eye conditions, such as intraocular inflammation (uveitis), corneal ulcers, or glaucoma (eye pressure).
Environmental Causes of Eye Redness
* Presence of allergens in the environment,
* Air pollution, windy and dusty environments,
• Insomnia,
* Cigarette smoke,
* Low ambient humidity (environments such as airplanes, offices and shopping centers),
* Excessive exposure to sunlight,
* Intensive use of digital devices.
Common Eye Conditions That Cause Eye Redness
* Bleeding in the eye due to compelling reasons such as severe coughing, sneezing, or constipation, or due to high blood pressure,
* Dry eye,
* Allergic conjunctivitis,
* Bacterial/Viral Conjunctivitis,
* Blepharitis (inflammation of the bottom of the eyelashes),
* Long-term and/or inappropriate use of contact lenses.
Serious Eye Diseases That Cause Eye Redness
* Eye trauma or foreign body,
• Uveitis,
• Glaucoma,
* Corneal ulcer.

What Is Good for Eye Redness?
* If you have contact with someone who has an eye infection, wash your hands immediately, if possible, do not contact these people,
• Do not sleep without removing your eye makeup, do not share your makeup materials,
• Do not wear contact lenses for long hours, do not sleep with contact lenses,
• If you work with a computer for long hours, be sure to rest your eyes Decently, if you have complaints of dry eyes, regularly use tears that do not contain preservatives,
* Limit the use of cigarettes and alcohol,
• Use quality sunglasses that protect from UV rays to protect from the sun and wind,
* If anything gets into the eye, wash the eye immediately.

How Does Eye Redness Go Away?
Since eye redness can develop due to many reasons, and some of these causes are conditions that may require immediate intervention, it should definitely be treated under the supervision of a physician. If redness of the eye occurs suddenly, accompanied by a feeling of pain, blurred vision or discomfort, you need to immediately consult an ophthalmologist.

If you are wearing contact lenses, remove your lenses and temporarily wear glasses until you consult an ophthalmologist for redness of the eyes. At this time, you can drip preservative-free tear drops into your eyes.
Your ophthalmologist will detect the discomfort in the eye and make treatment recommendations for the underlying cause. If the cause of the rash is microbial, he will prescribe antibiotic drops, if viral, treatment for viruses, if dry eye, tear drops, if allergic, antiallergic therapy. Regular use of medications prescribed by your doctor ensures that the redness of the eyes goes away.

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