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What Should Be Done to Have Healthy Gums?

What Should Be Done to Have Healthy Gums?To have healthy gums, teeth must be brushed 3 times a day. It is recommended to use dental floss after each brushing

 In addition, smoking and tobacco use should be reduced in this context. Broken filling or tooth structure disorders should also be treated. It is also very important to have regular dental check-ups, especially during pregnancy. 
What is Periodontal Inflammation Treatment?
 Early diagnosis is very important in gingivitis. If necessary precautions are taken, the success rate of treatment will increase. If the right treatment is applied, tooth loss and serious diseases can be prevented. In case of gingivitis, a professional dental cleaning should be done by dentists. Teeth cleaning is also very important. All plaque and bacteria-like products on the teeth are removed. Then dental restorations are made. In addition, the details of the care to be applied at home by the dentists are also explained.
Is Implant Harmful?
Implants used to replace lost teeth in the mouth give the patient a natural and aesthetic appearance. Implant is the most preferred treatment method in the world. There is a prejudice in people's minds that the implant is harmful.
If the wrong material and treatment method is used to the question of whether the implant is harmful, the answer will be yes. If the materials to be used and the treatment method to be applied are chosen correctly, those who have implants will not encounter implant damage. Titanium is preferred as the implant production material for those who have implant teeth. Since titanium is bone-friendly, it will protect patients from damage to the implant tooth. Using the wrong implant, disrupting oral care, the brand of the implant used, and the doctor's lack of knowledge on this subject will make the treatment unsuccessful.
What is Gum Bleeding?
Gum bleeding, which is one of the first symptoms of gingivitis, is actually quite important. Although it is a common and common condition, it is among the oral health problems that should not be neglected. This problem, which is easily understood, can usually be noticed by the blood that comes out when you spit out the lavobayo while brushing your teeth. Although the common result is gingivitis, gum bleeding that does not go away for a long time and often recurs can also be a symptom of different chronic diseases.
Will Porcelain Veneer Change Color in the Future?
Porcelain Veneer usually does not change color because the color suitable for your teeth is chosen. However, porcelain changes color according to the material used. However, zirconium supported porcelain veneers and full porcelain veneers provide a perfect harmony with the palate and gingiva with their light transmittance feature and the closest match to the natural tooth. The most important point is to have the right care and protection on time. Otherwise, bacteria and tartar formed on the gums separate the porcelain from the teeth.

What is Porcelain Filling?
Porcelain fillings are an addition used to complete the missing tooth. It is a preferred method in cases where tooth deficiency is high. The aim of the procedure to be successful is to preserve the naturalness and natural appearance of the tooth. This method, which is successfully applied to the teeth, is frequently preferred.

Some important points should be considered before hair transplantation. You should quit or reduce smoking as much as possible. You need to stop your alcohol consumption, caffeinated drinks and consumed beverages such as green tea. If you are constantly taking medication for your chronic diseases, you should definitely inform your specialist about this issue. You should stay away from products such as hair products and lotions that you should leave about 1 month in advance. On the day of your hair transplant, do not use any gel or gel on your hair. products should not exist. You should choose clothes that you can easily put on and take off. Otherwise, negative consequences will occur if it rubs against your head. It is recommended that people who want to have a hair transplant take care not to drive and therefore do not come alone. In order for your thinned or spilled hair to become permanently tighter, you need to be careful at such points.
After hair transplantation, there are critical stages in the first 4 days and the last 15 days. It is recommended that you behave carefully towards the transplanted area. It is recommended that you do not do various activities such as sports that will force you and make you sweat during this process. We underline that you will never be allowed to drive. You will be advised to use medication against complaints such as edema and pain that you may experience during this process. After the operation, it is recommended not to wash for the first three days in order to protect the hair transplant area. The density and quality of your new hair will vary according to some factors. Therefore, you should not forget that you are in a patient process. It is recommended that you do not perform operations such as cutting and painting for a while. After this process, which you need to protect from the sun, you can get the advice of your doctors about when you can use hair products.

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