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​What exercises are helpful in fibromyalgia?

​What exercises are helpful in fibromyalgia?There are many studies that show that exercise is beneficial in individuals with fibromyalgia. Aerobic exercises (eg Tae-bo) are very helpful in these patients and exercise is one of the most important treatment modalities in the disease

There is research that low-intensity exercises (for example, yoga) can reduce fibromyalgia symptoms and pain, and improve overall health. There is strong evidence that aerobic exercises are effective in reducing pain and tender points, improving quality of life, and reducing depression. It has been reported that exercises such as relaxation exercises, stretching exercises, cardiovascular conditioning program, walking, swimming, pool exercises and cycling are especially beneficial. The type and intensity of exercise should be adjusted by the physician according to the patient.
Besides: shiatsu, acupuncture, dry needling, chiropractic nimmo receptor tone technique are among the complementary therapies.

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