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What is the Effect of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on the Body?

What is the Effect of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on the Body?Alcohol has a destructive effect on all organs in our body.

Every year, 3.5 million people die from alcohol-related causes. Alcohol, which has serious damage to all organs and systems from the liver to the lungs, from the heart to the brain, reaches all cells 3 minutes after it is taken into the body and begins to have a destructive effect.
Risky use of alcohol is one of the leading risk factors for the health of the world's population and causes many diseases and creates many social and economic burdens on societies. Alcohol addiction is often seen with different psychological or physical problems. People diagnosed with alcohol dependence are at risk of addiction to different substances, mood disorders, depression, anxiety problems, mental problems such as schizophrenia, personality disorders, while at the same time, physical problems such as liver growth, adiposity, jaundice, cancer and cirrhosis, high blood pressure, heart enlargement and sudden crisis are seen. Risky alcohol use causes deterioration in brain functions, and accordingly, it is very common in processes such as deterioration in balance, difficulty in performing skills that require skill, dementia due to alcohol, deterioration in memory. Alcohol decreases the hormone testosterone (male) and estrogen (female) raises the hormone. It disrupts the vitamin balance in the body. It causes thirst. Since it increases fat storage, it causes weight problems as well as muscle wasting and weakness in the muscles. Risky use of alcohol damages the nervous system, may cause tremors in the hands and tingling in the legs, numbness. Alcohol use can be used in some processes because it is thought to have a positive effect on sexuality or because it is thought to facilitate sexuality. ; however, contrary to what is known, it causes many problems. Alcohol use during pregnancy causes retardation in the growth and development process of the baby.

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