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In which cases is genital aesthetics performed?

In which cases is genital aesthetics performed?When there is sagging in the last part of the bladder and before rectum anus, sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, constipation problems may occur. The uterus may also prolapse. In these cases, both corrective operations (anterior and posterior repair) and aesthetics can be performed.

It can be performed in case of cliteromegaly (exaggerated large image of the clitoris and excessive skin folds).
More aesthetic needs arise in deformations that occur after birth. Can we talk a little bit about prenatal aesthetic needs?

The labium minus (inner lip) is located just at the entrance of the vagina in the genital area. It may be larger than normal, long, drooping (like an elephant's ear) or asymmetrical. It can be congenital, sometimes births, and sometimes it can occur as a result of processes such as waxing and glaze. The surgical correction of these inner lips is called 'labiaplasty'.

If the inner lips are large and drooping, our patients have difficulty in using tight clothes and underwear, they feel bad in social environments, doing sports and daily activities, and these patients are afraid of wearing swimsuits and bikinis.

The fact that the inner lips are larger than normal can create a constantly moist environment and lead to chronic, persistent vaginal infections or inflammation of the bartholin gland. It also causes sexual dysfunction.

Operations performed under local or light general anesthesia take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Without stitches, return to social life is very fast.

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