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What is postural disorder

What is postural disorderPoor posture can be the primary source of all body pain,

which can significantly affect mood and mental health. This can make the person sad, irritable, angry, fearful, or sleepy. Just standing up straight makes us feel more active and less tired.
Posture disorders are the inability of the waist, legs and arms to maintain a balanced posture during physical activities such as sitting, standing and walking.

Posture Disorder Symptoms:
The most common symptom of posture disorder is body aches. It causes the most low back, back and neck pain. Poor posture can also cause the following symptoms:
• Shoulder and arm pain
• Leg, knee or ankle pain
• Muscle fatigue, weakness
• Stretching of muscle and connective tissues
• Nerve compressions
• Being vulnerable to injuries
• Difficulty even in ordinary activities such as carrying a bag or sitting.
• Restriction of self-confidence
The following positions are examples of posture disorders:
• Shoulders are low, swaying forward, head is not upright
• slouching
• Bend knees while walking or standing
• Walking far behind the shoulder blades, therefore increasing the waist pit, prominence of the belly and hips

What causes postural dysfunction?
The most common cause of postural dysfunction is repetitive movements as a requirement of occupational routine. Like sitting in front of a computer, driving, leaning over a book. The following factors may also be associated with poor posture:
• Lack of education, unawareness about healthy posture
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Joint stiffness
• Low body condition, not being in shape
• Muscle weakness, muscle tensions
• Certain muscle, nerve or bone diseases
• Psychological factors, anxiety disorders
Posture disorders generally occur as a result of wrong sitting, wrong working and sleeping habits acquired during childhood, accidents, injuries and falls, excess weight, working in a stressful environment.
Abdominal and back muscles should be strengthened to relieve pain.
Regular exercise should be done.

Strengthening the muscles reduces the severity and frequency of pains that develop due to muscle fatigue that works to correct the deformity in the spine.

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