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The Harms of Using Unnecessary Antibiotics?

The Harms of Using Unnecessary Antibiotics?Antibiotic use in our country has decreased from 250 million boxes to 170 million boxes per year, with measures such as 'not being able to take antibiotics without a prescription' and 'raising awareness about the conscious use of antibiotics'.

 However, we are still the country that uses the most antibiotics in Europe.

Unconscious use of antibiotics;
Development of damage to the liver and kidneys,
The development of resistance to antibiotics,
the formation of fungal infections,
to financial losses,
It causes the loss of probiotics in the gut.
There are 100 trillion beneficial bacteria called probiotics in the intestines. These probiotics; It facilitates digestion, produces B-K vitamins, protects against cancer by supporting the immune system, and protects from diseases by preventing the proliferation of harmful microbes. When even a single antibiotic is taken unconsciously, these probiotics die by 20 percent. To be able to restore these probiotics to the intestines; Unfortunately, even with the best organic nutrition, it is possible within 2 years. The use of antibiotics as an infant causes loss of probiotics in the later stages of life, making them susceptible to infections.
7 Important Warnings When Using Antibiotics
Conscious and rational use of antibiotics should be started under the supervision of a doctor.
It should only be used in diseases proven to be bacterial.
Broad-acting antibiotics should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
It should be used with a probiotic-probiotic combination to protect intestinal probiotics.
It should be used by paying attention to the hours in order not to develop resistance.
It should not be left prematurely.
Most antibiotics are eliminated from the body through the liver and kidneys. Therefore, it can cause damage to the liver and kidney. In kidney and liver patients, if antibiotic treatment is required, low-dose drugs or drugs without kidney-liver excretion should be preferred.

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