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What You Need to Know About Buckthorn Oil

What You Need to Know About Buckthorn OilThe plant commonly called blackthorn grass in our country is actually a type of lavender and is a member of the honeydew plant family.

Blackthorn grass is one of the plants used by humanity for centuries for health purposes. Blackthorn grass is used in oil or dried plant form. It is believed that this plant has many health benefits, but only some of them have been supported by scientific studies. We can list the benefits of black seed oil as follows…

1- It Can Improve the Quality of Sleep
Some studies have suggested that black cohosh oil may contribute to the problem of insomnia in light doses. In order for it to help the problem of insomnia, black sea buckthorn oil, which is put in a censer, should be put in the bedroom before going to sleep. In ancient times, the dried form of black cohosh grass was used to facilitate sleep by placing it in pillows. According to the researches, black sea buckthorn oil can contribute to the quality of sleep. Another contribution of black sea buckthorn oil to sleep is that it makes you feel more rested when you wake up. It is suggested that black sea buckthorn oil contributes to the melatonin level and provides a better quality and restful sleep.

2- Anxiety – Can Help with Anxiety
Some preliminary studies reveal that the use of buckthorn oil contributes to the relief of anxiety. The research was carried out with the method of oral consumption of black sea buckthorn oil for 6-10 weeks. A study conducted in 2019 showed that people who drank black cohosh grass in the form of pills against anxiety problems experienced significant relief.

3- It Can Prevent Hair Loss and Contribute to Its Growth
It is believed that black cohosh grass is effective against the problem of alop Decia areata, popularly known as ringworm disease. In order to obtain this benefit, it is necessary to use cedar, thyme and rosemary oils in addition to black cohosh herb oil. According to the findings in this direction, after 7 months of use, this oil mixture contributes to hair growth by close to 50 percent. On the other hand, according to studies conducted on animals, blackthorn oil supports increasing the number of hair follicles and contributing to hair growth.

4- It Can Relieve Menstrual and Surgery Pain
It is believed that black sea buckthorn oil contributes to the reduction of period pains, which are called dysmenorrhea in medical language. It is also predicted that black cohosh herb oil helps to relieve menstrual cramps. In addition to menstrual pain, lavender-black cohosh herb oil is also thought to contribute to relieving postoperative pain.

5- Can Be Used for Insect Bites
Research shows that buckthorn-lavender oil can help prevent the development of infection in areas bitten by insects. In addition, buckthorn oil can also be effective as an insect repellent spray by combining it with other essential oils. Since essential oils can irritate the skin, they should be used mixed with carrier oils.

Possible Benefits of Black Cohosh Oil for Skin Health
* Since lavender-blackthorn herb is effective against bacteria, it can stop the appearance of pimples or contribute to the disappearance of pimples.
* The antioxidants contained in the structure of black cohosh oil can have a positive effect on wrinkles on the skin.
• It can contribute to the healing of wounds. It is believed that this is due to the fact that lavender oil triggers the production of collagen in achieving this possible result.
* Lavender-cormorant oil can relieve the negative effects caused by some eczema due to its antimicrobial effects, as it can kill the bacteria underlying the disease.

Warnings About Buckthorn Oil
• You should definitely consult your doctor before using black cohosh herb oil or its derivatives such as tea.
• In the case of consumption by people taking high blood pressure medication, blood pressure is more likely to fall.
* Medications with a calming effect may cause more drowsiness and lethargy in those who use antidepressant-like medications.
* It is recommended that you try karabaş grass oil on a small area before applying it on the skin. In some people, lavender oil can cause an allergic reaction.
* Taking the oil by mouth can cause constipation, headache.
• Not recommended for use in children.
* Black sea buckthorn oil should not be used alone, but by mixing other carrier oils
* Since black cohosh oil contains a quarter of camphor, it can have harmful effects on the liver.

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