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What is the definition of a stroke?

What is the definition of a stroke?A stroke is a disease that happens when a blood vessel (artery) is clogged

, cutting off the blood flow to the artery, or shattering a blood vessel. Stroke types differ not only in terms of symptoms and effects, but also in terms of the size of the afflicted brain area and the damaged area. Early-stage individuals with modest symptoms, on the other hand, should seek emergency care. A "small stroke" or "mini stroke" can act as a precursor to a serious stroke. Symptoms of a stroke generally emerge out of nowhere.

Symptoms of a Stroke (Paralysis)
Face: The patient's face may have sagged to one side, the individual may be unable to smile, or the mouth and eye structure may have drooped.
Arms: Weakness or numbness in the arm may occur, making it difficult to lift both arms.
Despite seeming alert, they may be incomprehensible or unable to communicate at all; moreover, they may be delayed in understanding what you are saying, or they may be unable to follow up.
Time: If you detect any of these stroke symptoms, which are also warning indications of a mini-stroke, you should call your doctor right once.

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