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What is Fibromyalgia ?


Fibromyalgia patients have sensitive points on their bodies that cause pain when touched. These are called trigger points. The American physical therapy association has announced the number of these points as 18. If 11 trigger points are detected in the patient, it is necessary to think about FIBROMYALGIA (SOFT TISSUE RHEUMATISM).
Especially in patients who talk about morning stiffness and chronic fatigue, lack of energy, it is the right behavior to suspect fibromyalgia again and to have examinations and examinations in this direction. In the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, there is a test called the FIBROMYALGIA RISK TEST. This test should definitely be applied to all patients who are considered fibromyalgia. Patients who score 110 points and above at the end of the test are considered fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia treatment is both very easy and very difficult. It requires close attention to the patient. The patient should also stubbornly continue his treatment and be in close cooperation with his doctor.
EDUCATION: The education of patients is of primary importance.Education of both patients and their relatives is essential. Giving detailed information to patients about their diseases and teaching them that their diseases do not pose any life-threatening and will not cause any aesthetic problems will increase the patient's self-confidence. In addition, it is also necessary to tell the patient's relatives how their patients, who seem to have no problems when viewed from the outside, are actually suffering from problems. Because some patients are not accepted as patients by their relatives.
EXERCISE TREATMENTS, ESPECIALLY PILATES: 3 days a week is recommended. Before starting the exercise, a warm-up is performed for 5-10 minutes. Then, sports are performed with emphasis on muscle strengthening exercises.
CLASSICAL MEDICAL DRUGS: Mainly painkillers, adele relaxants, anti rheumatic drugs, depression drugs, antioxidant vitamins are used.
MEDICAL OZONE THERAPY: Ozone can be applied both intravenously and locally to painful areas. Ozone therapy increases the antioxidant capacity of the patient, causing the elimination of toxins formed in. As a result of blood liquefaction, more blood and more oxygen will go to the cells. Ozone increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and the rate of oxygen transfer to the tissues. In this case, it is also possible to oxygenate the tissues.
MEDICAL LEECH THERAPY: There are 106 different enzymes found in leech saliva. In addition to sucking the blood of the leech in the treatment, healing occurs thanks to these enzymes. Especially as a result of the liquefaction of the blood by the action of leech enzymes, microcirculation will increase and more blood will be able to reach the tissues. The arrival of more blood to the tissues ensures both the nutrition of the tissues and the regular elimination of toxic substances formed in the tissue.
Decoupage TREATMENT: Decoupage is the process of removing the blood between the tissues accumulated under the skin and the toxins and heavy metals stored there. 1 Mm in advance thanks to a mug. It is performed in the form of taking blood from the skin, which is drawn so that it reaches under the skin.
In addition to leech and ozone therapy, magnetic field therapy and stem cell therapy are also applied to our patients in our clinic. Our standard treatment is 12 sessions and 2 sessions are applied per week. Therefore, there is a treatment that lasts 6 weeks. Although this is our preferred treatment program, we also apply 1- or 2-week intensive treatment programs for our patients from outside the city.

Fibromyalgia can be confused with many diseases. Especially if the patient has a low level of education and has difficulty expressing himself, incorrect diagnoses may be made.
IT CAN BE CONFUSED WITH LUMBAR AND CERVICAL HERNIA: In our country, in particular, it is customary to call cervical hernia for those who have pain in the neck area, and lumbar hernia for those who have pain in the lumbar region and legs. For this reason, fibromyalgia patients are especially confused with lumbar and cervical hernia diseases. There have even been reports of patients who were accidentally operated on for herniated disc and cervical hernia.
IT CAN BE CONFUSED WITH HEADACHE: There are patients who are confused and treated with migraine or other headaches due to the fact that they are accompanied by a headache.
IT CAN BE CONFUSED WITH PSYCHIATRIC PATIENTS: If the patient went to a psychiatrist with psychological problems, he may have been treated with the diagnosis of “depression”.
IT CAN BE CONFUSED WITH HYPOTHYROIDISM: Due to excessive fatigue in patients, hypothyroidism, that is, a disease associated with a lack of thyroid hormone, can also be confused with chronic fatigue disease.
IT CAN BE CONFUSED WITH RHEUMATIC DISEASES. One of the most common mistakes made is that all of the patients who come with complaints of pain, especially all over me, are told that you have “rheumatism” and a general treatment is applied. General practitioners do this most often. For this reason, these patients may also be exposed to cortisone loading for a long time. Every doctor who goes, especially if they prefer to give cortisone to patients with a low level of education who cannot distinguish drugs and relax in a short way, in the end, patients also have to struggle with excessive fatness, obesity and diabetes. The prescriptions already written are always the same. Cortisone injection + pain reliever + Nonsteroidal antirheumatic drugs are mixed and made from the hip. This process is very common, especially in Anatolia. In some patients, they can get rid of their pain in a short time by mixing these three needles they bought from the pharmacy with hearsay information and doing it from the hip. However, at the end of this treatment, which has a short-term effect, the same complaints recur the next day. Because the painkillers are removed from the body within 8-12 hours, everything is as before.

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