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What is the Best Time for Circumcision?

What is the Best Time for Circumcision?​Circumcision can be done at any age from birth

However, it must be performed in operating room conditions and in accordance with surgical principles. Decapitation is not recommended in boys between the ages of 2 and 4. Circumcision is an operation that is not recommended. Because it is in this age range that children begin to recognize their own sex and genital organs. Therefore, surgical interventions associated with their genitals can adversely affect children. It is generally recommended that circumcision be performed before the baby leaves the hospital or within the first 1 month in the process following the birth. In circumcisions that are not performed until the first 2 years of age, it is appropriate to perform circumcisions after the age of 6-7, when the child can communicate healthily.

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