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What is Vascular Occlusion

What is Vascular OcclusionAtherosclerosis, that is, peripheral artery disease,refers to all arterial diseases except the heart and brain.

In short, it is a disease that occurs when the arteries that provide blood flow to the arms, legs and internal organs are completely or partially blocked due to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
Vascular Occlusion Symptoms

It occurs when the vascular occlusion is very advanced and sufficient blood and oxygen cannot be delivered to the legs even at rest. The pain typically affects the feet and is usually severe pain. This pain increases especially at night when the patient lies on his back.
numbness in legs,
Weakness and atrophy of the calf muscles (reduction in diameter and strength)
Coldness to the legs and feet, feeling cold,
Discoloration of the feet (pale when lifted into the air and dark red when lowered)
Hair loss on the back of the feet and thickening of the toenails

In advanced cases with severe vascular occlusion, the formation of painful open sores (ulcers) or the occurrence of gangrene on the feet and legs, especially starting from the toes

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