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Safe Medication Use

Safe Medication UseHacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pharmacology lecturer Dr. Melih Babaoğlu said that serious diseases that occur as a result of mistakes made during the use of drugs are an important problem even in countries with developed health systems, and some of them can result in death.

Defining correct drug use as "the person using the drug prescribed by the doctor in the amount recommended for him, continuing for a sufficient time and bringing the lowest cost to the society", Babaoğlu stated that this can be achieved by following the instructions for use.
Babaoğlu noted that information should be obtained before using drugs that seem simple to use, such as vitamins and painkillers. Pointing out the importance of using drugs with the knowledge and control of the doctor. Do not forget to have all the medicines you use and your previous treatment information with you when you go to your doctor for the examination!

7 rules of correct medication use
1. Do not start a second medication without your doctor's knowledge.
2. Use the medication in accordance with the way of use described by your doctor.
3. Always keep in mind that a new complaint that develops after starting drug therapy may be drug-related.
4. Do not continue to use the drug unnecessarily and do not stop earlier than recommended.
5. Inform the relatives you live with about your medications in order to inform the health personnel in a negative situation that may develop due to the drug.
6. If you have excess medication when your treatment is completed, give it to your doctor to be given to people who cannot take medication due to financial insufficiency.
7. Stating that attention should be paid to non-pharmacological treatments as well as drugs, Babaoğlu said, "Although drugs can be quite successful in the treatment of diseases, they often cannot provide the desired effectiveness on their own. Compliance with the recommended lifestyle changes increases the success of treatment."

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