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Effects of water on the body

Effects of water on the bodyThe proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system, as well as kidneys, brain and liver depends on the consumption of sufficient water.

In addition, drinking regular and sufficient water is also good for constipation and high blood pressure.
The benefits of water are not limited to counting. Drinking water preserves the strength of the mind , keeps it fit. Drinking water helps reduce headaches.
Another benefit is for the skin. It is good for skin dryness and stiffness. In addition, for those who have weight problems, drinking water is effective as a slimming method.
The harm of not using enough water is ;
It affects the heart and muscles badly, causes the kidneys to not do their job, reduces your concentration November causes headaches. It also has a negative effect on skin health, not drinking enough water while playing sports affects performance. It makes him feel tired and unhappy.

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