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What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?Dry eye is a condition of insufficient tears

 What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?
 A decrease in fluid from the tear glands affects the tear membrane. In patients diagnosed with dry eye, there is either not enough tear secretion, or there is a quality disorder in the tear. Therefore, tears are very important for our eye health. The most common complaints of patients with dry eyes are;
Burning, Stinging, Redness,Foreign body sensation (feeling like there is sand or eyelashes in the eye),Itching, Blurred vision that improves with blinking, Feeling of fatigue in the eye,Pain, Discomfort from light, Eye watering,
Difficulty using contact lenses,Rapid fatigue of the eyes when using a computer, watching TV and reading books,Difficulty driving at night. We recommend that you consult with our doctor and make an appointment.

What is the Effect of Vitamin A on the Eyes ?
It is known that sufficient consumption of vitamin A delays the formation of macular degeneration and cataracts, especially night blindness. Medicine Health Center once again emphasizes to us the importance of regular blood tests.

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