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How to feed in iron deficiency?

How to feed in iron deficiency?1. Foods with high iron content such as meat, chicken, fish, liver, eggs, legumes, cereals, green leafy vegetables, molasses, and tahini should be consumed. 150 grams of low-fat beef: Contains 4.5 mg of iron.

2. Among the dried fruits, the iron content of dried apricots and raisins is high.
3. Nuts, almonds, walnuts should be preferred. 20 grams of nuts: Contains 0.6 mg of iron.
4. Legumes, which should be consumed at least 2 times a week, should be consumed with vitamin C. 1 serving (60 g) of legumes: It contains 4.2 mg of iron.
5. Foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, green peppers should be consumed with every meal, since taking iron together with vitamin C while taking iron into the body with food increases iron absorption and helps hemoglobin production.
6. Tea and coffee, which prevent the use of iron in the body, should not be consumed with meals.
7. Rye or whole wheat bread should be preferred instead of wholemeal bread.
8. Depending on body weight, it should be consumed by adding 1 teaspoon of molasses to a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice once a day. 1 teaspoon of molasses: Contains 0.5 mg of iron
9. Since high consumption of calcium-containing foods reduces the absorption of iron, foods such as milk and yogurt with high calcium content are less preferred in addition to meat group foods with high iron content.
10. Consuming freshly squeezed fruit juice or green leafy vegetables, especially when eating red meat, will increase the absorption of iron.

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