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What are Testicular Diseases?

What are Testicular Diseases?Varicocele Disease and Symptoms

Varicocele is called the veins located on the edge of the ovarian bag. Approximately 15% of men suffer from varicocele. It is called venous enlargement. Its symptoms are as follows;

• Pain in testicles
• The formation of fullness in the testicles
• The occurrence of shrinkage
• Infertility
• Enlarged veins become visible to the naked eye.
• Formation of palpable large vessels
Hydrocele Disease and Symptoms
It is called the accumulation of too much water in the testicles by increasing the amount of fluid in the membranes surrounding the testis. In general, between the testicles and the membranes surrounding the testicles, there is 0.5 – 1 ml of fluid to provide lubrication. This water ratio increases by 100-200 ml when hydrocele is present. Its symptoms are as follows;
• Appearance of no pain in general
• No fluid loss when lying down or pushing
• Light transmission of the bag
• Swelling in the bags
• Feeling of liquid when touched
• Inflamed fluid causes pain.
Spermatocele Disease and Symptoms
Spermatocele is the formation of small and painless masses on the testicle. It can be followed up, and it can be removed by surgery as a result of its excessive growth.
• Pain is not felt.
• Swelling behind or above the testis
Orchitis Disease and Symptoms

Orchitis is the condition of inflammation in both testicles. Its symptoms are as follows;
• Swelling in the testicles
• Moderate or intense pain
• Discomfort while sitting
• Hypersensitivity in one or both testicles
• Nausea
• Fever rises to 40 degrees
• Observation of discharge in the penis
 Epididymitis Disease and Symptoms

It is an inflammation of the epididymitis area located in the testis. The epididymitis is a tube-shaped extension above the testicles and is the part that provides the storage and transport of sperm cells. This infection can be seen as chronic and acute. Its symptoms are as follows;
• tremor
• Seeing a palpable mass
• The visible mass is first hard and then softens
Testicular Torsion Disease and Symptoms

It is not a very common disease. The blood testicle may become unable to feed. The condition of torsion of blood vessels is called Its symptoms are as follows;
• Pain is seen

• Risk of gangrene

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