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PIEZO Rhinoplasty (ULTRASONIC RHINOPLASTY)Piezo rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty), which is the most applied method in the recent period, is the name given to the process of forming the nasal bone with special ultrasonic sound wave

Advantages of this method;
Shaping the nasal bone more controlled and more millimeter.
During the incision and shaping performed with ultrasonic sound waves, soft and cartilaginous tissues and vascular structures are protected, since only bone tissue is selected. So that these tissues are not damaged.
Although there are fewer bruises and swelling after surgery, the healing process is faster.
With this method, the nasal bone can be shaped from the desired point.
 How Is the Recovery Process After Rhinoplasty Surgery?
 Although it varies according to the skin structure of the patient, similar results are seen in the long term. Although the process is a little longer for patients with thick skin, the appearance of the final form of the nose can continue for 1 year, sometimes up to 2 years. Recovery in patients with thin skin, the appearance of the final shape of the nose takes much shorter. But this can also be a little dangerous, because defects under the skin can appear. As a result, the goal is to reveal the maximum beautiful appearance with various surgical techniques in both groups of patients.

The most important factor affecting postoperative recovery is smoking. Smoking negatively affects the healing process, as it disrupts nutrition at the capillary level.

It doesn't really matter what season this operation is performed, it can be performed in summer or winter. Patients who have undergone surgery only in the summer should be more careful about sun protection. The use of a protective hat and sunscreen cream is important for the healing process.

These surgeries are individual. Although each nasal structure has differences in itself, individual planning should be done.

Even if the piezo Nose Aesthetic is also performed in the most experienced hands, a secondary operation may be required, which we call a 10% revision. Changes in the nasal tissue after surgery, blows to the nose and forehead may require revision.
Our country and especially the Istanbul region are known and preferred in the world in Aesthetic Applications. Rhinoplasty is also one of the most important Aesthetic Applications.

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