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Hair Transplant Before and After

Hair Transplant Before and AfterSome important points should be considered before hair transplantation

. You should quit or reduce smoking as much as possible. You need to stop your alcohol consumption, caffeinated drinks and consumed beverages such as green tea. If you are constantly taking medication for your chronic diseases, you should definitely inform your specialist about this issue. You should stay away from products such as hair products and lotions that you should leave about 1 month in advance. On the day of your hair transplant, do not use any gel or gel on your hair. products should not exist. You should choose clothes that you can easily put on and take off. Otherwise, negative consequences will occur if it rubs against your head. It is recommended that people who want to have a hair transplant take care not to drive and therefore do not come alone. In order for your thinned or spilled hair to become permanently tighter, you need to be careful at such points.

After hair transplantation, there are critical stages in the first 4 days and the last 15 days. It is recommended that you behave carefully towards the transplanted area. It is recommended that you do not do various activities such as sports that will force you and make you sweat during this process. We underline that you will never be allowed to drive. You will be advised to use medication against complaints such as edema and pain that you may experience during this process. After the operation, it is recommended not to wash for the first three days in order to protect the hair transplant area. The density and quality of your new hair will vary according to some factors. Therefore, you should not forget that you are in a patient process. It is recommended that you do not perform operations such as cutting and painting for a while. After this process, which you need to protect from the sun, you can get the advice of your doctors about when you can use hair products.
Which is the Best Hair Transplant Method?
In fact, it would not be the right approach to qualify a method as the best hair transplant method. The technique that your Medicine Health Center doctor will choose according to your hair structure will be the best. You can get all the information about the choice from your doctor.

Differences Between FUE and DHI Hair Transplant
The differences between FUE and DHI hair transplantation are very obvious and different technologies and techniques are used. In the FUE procedure, the skin is cut, the channels are opened and the transplantation is performed. In DHI, however, there are no channels and sowing is done with special technology tools.
Recovery time may be longer after FUE procedure. Returning to social life and work may take a little more time. In DHI, on the other hand, there is a faster return to social and business life. Both processes have their pluses and minuses relative to each other. Therefore, you should make the right decision together with your doctor.

The problem Of A Large Forehead in Women?
It can be done for women, which is still common for people who complain about their forehead. It can be used for this job, which may be considered for some people. In addition to your hair to be taken from this process, hair transplantation is done with your hair. Narrowing is done with the hair forward a few inches. You have a research plan especially about hair transplant patients.

Golden Ratio Method
The golden ratio is a concept that helps you to catch the harmony of the parts so that you look more beautiful. According to another criterion, it is 3 percent based on 1 ratio to your face. This is important to a world. To show your face mathematically appropriate look. Your son is your anxious age. According to your age, you will be able to get ahead of your eyes.

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