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Major Symptoms in Breast Cancer

Major Symptoms in Breast CancerPalpable mass in the breast or armpit

• Nipple discharge
• Nipple retraction or deformity
• Peeling, crusting on the nipple skin
• Wound or redness on the breast skin
• Edema, swelling, inward retraction on the breast skin

If at least one of these symptoms is present, a specialist should be consulted without delay. However, in some patients, without any of these symptoms, cancer can only be detected by mammography and ultrasound examination.
We recommend women to have mammography, ultrasound and breast examination once a year, even if they have no complaints from the age of 40. However, in this way, breast cancer can be detected at a very early stage. If a woman goes to the doctor after noticing a mass in her breast, it is not possible to talk about very early diagnosis.
It takes a long time for a cancerous cell in the breast to form a tumor and reach the size that the woman can notice. Women are only 1-1.5cm. They can detect a mass that has reached a large size during the examination. However, it is possible to diagnose even millimeter-sized cancers with radiological imaging methods.

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