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How is the jaw joint structure? What are jaw joint diseases?

How is the jaw joint structure? What are jaw joint diseases?The joints in the jaw are located just in front of the ear. These joints are the joints that provide the movements of the lower jaw.

Considering the joint structure; From the skull bones, the temporal bone, the condyle of the lower jawbone, the structure of the articular cartilage between the mentioned bones and the muscles and fibers attached to them should come to mind. If there is a noise from the jaw joint when opening and closing the mouth, if you feel restriction when opening the jaw, if there is pain in the head and neck region, wear on the teeth, grinding of teeth, etc. If problems come to the fore, it should be considered that there may be a problem in the jaw joints. There are various reasons that affect the health of the jaw joints. Major traumas, minor traumas such as clenching and grinding, inflammatory diseases, and disorders in the development of teeth and jaw structure are among the causes of jaw joint disease.

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