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Treatment methods of kidney failure

Treatment methods of kidney failureSeveral methods are used for the treatment of kidney failure.

The type of treatment an individual needs will depend on the cause of the kidney failure.
One of the methods used in kidney failure is dialysis. Dialysis performs the function of the kidneys by using a machine to filter the blood and purify it of toxic elements.
Depending on the type of dialysis used, a large machine or portable catheter bag may be used. A low-potassium, low-salt diet should be followed along with dialysis. Dialysis does not cure kidney failure, but attending sessions regularly increases life expectancy.
Another treatment option for kidney failure is kidney transplantation. A transplanted kidney will function normally and eliminate the need for dialysis.
However, the waiting period for a kidney donation compatible with the patient's body is usually long. If there is a living donor, the process can go faster. Immunosuppressive drugs are used after surgery to prevent the body from rejecting the new kidney.
These drugs have their own and sometimes severe side effects. Transplant surgery may not be the right treatment option for every case. It is also possible for the surgery to fail.

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