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​What is hand tremor?

​What is hand tremor?Hand tremor is an involuntary and rhythmic muscle movement that almost everyone experiences at some times of their life.

This condition is mostly seen due to sudden changes in emotions such as excitement, anger and fear, stress, fatigue, metabolic deficiency, excessive consumption of tea and coffee. After a change in the current mood or at rest, the complaint of hand tremor completely disappears. This condition, called physiological tremor, is completely normal and is not defined as a symptom of any health problem and can be seen in every healthy person. Essential tremor, another type of hand tremor, is the most common movement disorder. The tremor, which mostly starts unilaterally, is also seen in the other hand after a while. This discomfort, which is initially seen only with the change of mood, increases more and more often.

In the presence of essential tremor, hand tremors that disappear when a person is alone or at rest begin again when a person enters a social environment or tremor anxiety increases. Unlike physiological tremor, essential tremor can also spread to the head, tongue, jaw, voice, trunk, hips and legs, starting from the hands. This type of tremors, which occurs regardless of gender, is more common, especially in people aged 60 years and older. However, this condition can also occur after puberty or in middle age. Hand tremor especially increases when eating, drinking water and writing and can reach a size that will disturb the person. Essential tremor, which is mostly thought to be effective due to genetic transmission, is one of the most common neurological diseases after stroke. The involuntary and rhythmic movement that occurs in the hand can also be seen as a symptom of many neurological diseases. "What causes hand tremor?" another answer that can be given to the question is pathological tremor. Pathological tremor can most often be caused by a disease that exists in the brain and cerebellum, a genetically transmitted disorder, or Parkinson's disease. Doctors are often faced with the question "How does the hand tremor pass?" the question can be answered as the treatment process differs depending on the causes of hand tremor.

Causes of hand tremor
Although hand tremors seen due to mood changes such as fear, excitement and anger are considered normal, hand tremors seen during rest or when going out into a social environment can be a harbinger of different diseases. Deceleration in blood sugar is among the reasons that lead to hand tremors. Hand tremor, which occurs 2 to 3 hours after eating, is a common symptom associated with insulin resistance. In addition to this symptom weakness, dizziness and drowsiness are other symptoms that often appear. Obesity, hypertension and atherosclerosis, defined as many different conditions up to arteriosclerosis, which causes many different conditions, should definitely be controlled. Another condition that causes hand tremors is excessive alcohol consumption. Alcoholism, which leads to many diseases from heart and circulatory disorders, liver damage, laryngeal and stomach cancer to pancreatic cancer, is also a condition that must be controlled with the help of medical institutions. Metabolic deficiencies are another problem that leads to hand tremor. Hand tremors are common, especially in vitamin B12 deficiency. A deficiency of vitamin B12, which has important tasks in the body such as DNA synthesis, erythrocyte production, known as red blood cells, and nerve tissue regeneration, can lead to many different health problems in addition to hand tremors. Hand tremor, which is also observed due to the use of certain medications, can also occur when:
* Parkinson's disease: Parkinson's disease, also defined as shaky paralysis, is a type of slowly progressive motion sickness. The incidence of this neurological disease, which is 1% in people aged 60 years and older, is mostly a genetic factor in the early onset of this neurological disease. Dopamine, produced in regions called the substantia nigra located in the brain, provides communication between brain regions called the striatum, which allows a person to make voluntary movements.. Hand tremor in Parkinson's disease, which occurs due to insufficient dopamine production, is a common symptom. Parkinson's symptoms include a Deceleration in movements, a decrease in facial expressions and a restriction in movement. Parkinson's, a neurodegenerative disease, is also one of the disorders that responds best to treatment and is observed due to cell loss.

• Epilepsy: Miyolkloni or myoclonus or in different words, MS is jerky movements and sudden arrhythmic beats when groups of is characterized by epilepsy, which are among the diseases that cause hand tremors. This movement, which is very small in some cases, causes movements that, in some cases, cause the person to drop his hand or the person himself to fall to the ground.
* Polyneuropathy: Hand tremor can also be observed in the presence of polyneuropathy, which occurs when the nerves known as the peripheral nerve, which allow a person to perform sensory, motor and autonomic nerve movements, are damaged. Discomfort, which is accompanied by many symptoms such as tingling, needling, numbness and sensitivity to touch, occurs as a result of many different diseases.
* Dystonia: Dystonia, which leads to involuntary movements in the muscles, is a kind of movement disorder disease. It is characterized by symptoms such as contraction of the muscles, trembling in the hands and vocal cords, contraction of the face, arms and legs November. The treatment applied after the diagnosis by the neurologist can be medicated, non-medicated, bot0ks injection or surgical intervention depending on the type of disease.
How is hand tremor treated?
The cause of hand tremor varies depending on the underlying disease. For example, if the hand tremor is caused by fluctuations in nutrition and mood, the hand tremor ends after this condition is put in order. Hand tremor, which is observed due to certain diseases, can be permanent or temporary. Therefore, treatment is directly related to the exact treatment of the cause that causes hand tremor.

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