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Regular sleep for strong immunity

Regular sleep for strong immunityDuring this period, when it is very important to stay at home, remembering the rules of healthy living and adapting life to it is of great importance, especially for heart patients.

First of all, sleep patterns should be provided to strengthen the immune system. Then physical activity should also be continued at home. A healthy diet is of great importance for both heart health and strong immunity. 
There are also those who carry diseases that do not give symptoms
The whole world is struggling mightily with Covid 19, the biggest pandemic of recent times. Dana is trying to prevent the virus from spreading to more people. It is necessary to remember the presence of undiagnosed, symptom-free, but high carrier potential patients, as well as patients with signs of infection and diagnosed. When carriers transmit the COV-SARS2 virus to a high-risk patient, it can cause a fatal picture called acute respiratory distress syndrome. 
Patients at high risk of death for COVID-19:
1.    over 65 years old
2.    Those with chronic illness
3.    Those with weak immune systems
4.    Those with age-independent obesity (especially those with a body mass index over 40)
In the fight against the disease, the heart also spends effort
According to scientific reports, about 40 percent of COVID-19 patients hospitalized have cardiovascular disease or problems in the brain circulation (such as stroke). Again, it is also worth noting that a significant proportion of inpatients have a background of hypertension. Although the main target of the virus is the lungs, the heart makes a significant effort to meet the oxygen needs of the whole body. When the burden of the lung due to infection increases, those with heart problems have difficulties in combating this increased effort.
Do not change medication without consulting a doctor
The American College of Cardiology recommends that those with heart disease get up-to-date flu and pneumonia vaccinations. In this way, he thinks that other complicating infections that will accompany COVID-19 can be reduced. The European Society of Cardiology also particularly emphasizes that no blood pressure medication should be changed due to COVID-19 in the light of current information.
10 Recommendations for Heart Patients

• sleep 7 hours of regular sleep.
• Don't forget to drink water.
• You can train your muscles November by lifting light weights at home. Try to do this for 10 minutes 3 days a week.
* Do exercises that will stretch your muscles for 15 minutes every day, try to do November breathing exercises during this time.
* Reduce the consumption of salt and sugar. Excessive consumption of salt and sugar will also weaken the immune system.
* Consume vegetables and legumes. Have 1 plate of vegetable food or salad every day.
• You may need to take vitamin supplements, for this you can consult your doctor for advice on zinc, vitamin C and D
• If you have a serious heart problem, do not postpone it, listen to their recommendations by voice or video call if possible with your doctor.
• Don't follow negative news too much on social media. By staying at home during this period, you are making a very important sacrifice so that the disease does not spread.
* Focus on hobbies that will make you happy. Reading books and producing things will make you happy and strengthen your immunity.

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