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Vegan Nutrition Types

Vegan Nutrition TypesFruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds are eaten in a whole food vegan diet. Nutritional needs are met with a diet based on plant sources.

In the raw food diet, only foods cooked below 48 degrees Celsius are eaten. Raw nutrition; accompanied by fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and plant-based foods.
• 80/10/10 is among the most frequently heard vegan diets in recent years. Fruits and greens are the main foods in a diet that limits the consumption of fat-rich foods such as nuts and avocados. Raw nutrition is the basis.
• Low fat consumption comes to the fore in starch solution-based vegan nutrition, as in 80/10/10. This time the diet is accompanied by high carbohydrates. Instead of fruit, carbohydrates such as rice, corn and potatoes are added to the meals.
• Up to 4 raw vegan diets are also based on low fat consumption. Meals are eaten until 4 o'clock, with raw food and cooked food of plant origin. No food is consumed after 16 pm.
• Raw foods are eaten in the developing vegan diet. It is important that the foods that are cooked very little or eaten raw are of vegetable origin.
What are the Differences Between Vegan Nutrition and Vegetarianism?

Although vegetarianism is a diet based on not consuming meat, animal foods such as eggs, milk and honey can be included in the diet. Even in some types of vegetarian diet, fish and seafood, sometimes only white meat (chicken) can be eaten. Semi-vegetarians may prefer to eat animal-based products by making an occasional getaway. While vegetarianism is defined as a diet, veganism points to a lifestyle, a philosophy. Vegans pay attention to the absence of animal content in all products, from detergents to food containers, and continue their lives with products of plant origin. You can find detailed information about vegetarian nutrition in our vegetarian nutrition article.
Vegan Nutrition Types

What Do Vegans Eat?
Vegans include plenty of vegetable dishes in their meals. Because it is rich in protein, legumes are often included in meals. In addition, many soybean-derived foods, such as tofu, find a place on the menu. Nutritious foods for vegans include flaxseed, chia seeds, tofu, soy granules, soy sprouts, lentils, chickpeas, dried beans, rice, wholemeal flour, cornmeal, vegetables and fruits. While milk-like liquids obtained from nuts such as almond milk are used instead of milk in meals, chia seeds are preferred to increase consistency. Because of its nutritious content, supplements such as spirulina, chlorella, nutrional yeast are consumed.

Does a Vegan Diet Help with Weight Loss?
Vegans seem to be thinner than other people because of their diet. Lower body mass index values ​​are more common in vegans, but a vegan diet is not preferred much to lose weight. Vegan nutrition can be found too challenging as a weight loss diet, as it requires attention to product ingredients and mostly home-cooking processes. It is a fact that vegans pay more attention to their diet and healthy living. Many vegans have a more fit appearance by making room for sports in their lives. Vegans' fiber consumption, lower calorie intake, helps them lose weight.

Small tips for those who are vegan and want to lose weight:

• You should exercise regularly.

• Don't forget to drink plenty of water, and reinforce the antioxidant effect by applying the recipes of detox drinks.
• You should pay attention to low oil consumption. However, you should not make the mistake of not consuming any oil. You can get fatty acids from seeds.
• You should definitely include legumes and grains in your diet for protein intake.
• For iron absorption, you should eat green leafy vegetables and choose fruits with vitamin C.
• Restricting sugar consumption is a good choice.
• In order to suppress sudden hunger crises, it is recommended to eat little and often, snacking on nuts from time to time.
• Eating vegetables does not give you an unlimited freedom of portion, you should take enough portions to be satiated, but be careful not to overdo it.

• You can get professional support for nutrition and exercise. If you are looking for sports moves that can be done at home, our article can give you an idea to get started.

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