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What triggers hoarseness?

What triggers hoarseness?Hoarseness is due to many reasons.

Factors such as infection, allergy, smoking, reflux, coughing, loud speech can cause hoarseness. The development of hoarseness is inevitable after operations such as goiter, heart and thoracic surgery. In addition to these, neurological disorders, psychological diseases, genetic syndromes, puberty, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, old age, hypertension drugs, hormones, birth control pills, nodules, polyps and malignant tumors can also cause hoarseness.

If it is stubborn and takes a long time, the reason should be investigated.
In addition to factors such as the onset and duration of hoarseness, whether there was hoarseness before, smoking; The patient's occupation, systemic diseases, genetic characteristics, surgical interventions and psychological status should also be evaluated. The presence of diseases such as nasal congestion, enlargement of the tonsils, pharyngitis, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis that may cause changes in the voice should be investigated. In polyclinic conditions, it should be checked whether there are nodules, polyps or reflux in the vocal cords by endoscopic method.

Botox in the treatment of hoarseness
“Voice rest” is very important in the treatment of hoarseness. In cases such as infection, allergy, reflux, drug treatment can be given. Voice therapy exercises can be beneficial for the patient in the treatment of nodules and polyps in the vocal cord, in cases where the unilateral vocal cord does not work, in neurological hoarseness, before and after vocal cord surgery. Sometimes even surgery may not be necessary when these exercises are applied especially in the treatment of polyps, nodules and functional voice disorders. Depending on the condition of the disease, botox treatment is also among the options. If surgical operation to the vocal cord is necessary, it should not be delayed and should be done.

Could be a sign of throat cancer
Hoarseness can be a sign of laryngeal cancer. For this reason, if there is hoarseness lasting more than 15 days, an otolaryngologist should be consulted. As a result of scientific studies carried out due to the increasing use of cigarettes in women in recent years, it has been revealed that laryngeal cancer has increased approximately 7 times in women compared to men.

Early diagnosis and treatment are important
Depending on the cause and condition of hoarseness, treatment should be started as early as possible. In the treatment of early stage laryngeal cancer, an operation that does not require a permanent hole in the throat called tracheotomy is performed, while in advanced stages, the larynx may need to be removed together with a tracheotomy, and sometimes the chance of surgery may be completely lost. Depending on the patient's condition, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are among the treatment options. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is very important. When complaints occur, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately.

Take precautions against hoarseness!
• Avoid speaking when hoarseness occurs.
•Do not smoke.
• Consume plenty of water.
• Avoid hot, spicy, sour foods and acidic beverages.
• Try not to have long conversations with a loud voice.
• Avoid alcohol and caffeinated foods.

• Do not sleep full.

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