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What should be considered in order to prevent lumbar hernia

What should be considered in order to prevent lumbar herniaMany of us ignore our waist for instant comfort, especially while sitting.

We think that sitting by arching our spine relaxes us. However, incorrect sitting positions affect our back health especially in the future. This also applies when walking and lying down...
First of all, we should pay attention to our posture in order not to get herniated disc disease. A spine that has made it a habit to stand constantly bent may cause herniation by slowly pressing on the nerves in the waist. We involuntarily say that we are standing like this, but it is in our hands to stand upright. First of all, we have to make it a habit. While sitting in front of the computer, watching TV or relaxing on the sofa, we should keep our spine straight. We can support our lower back with a pillow or by obtaining lumbar support from orthopedic stores. When using a computer, we should sit close to the back, bring the computer to eye level, and place a support under our feet to ensure a 90-degree angle of the knee.
Bed selection is also important at this point. We should definitely choose an orthopedic mattress. We must provide the beds that support the waist and back. Likewise, it is important for the person to choose the right pillow for himself. Soft, firm, low or high pillow doesn't matter. The person should choose the type of pillow that he is comfortable with. However, our recommendation is to use neither too low nor too high pillows, and neither too soft nor too hard pillows.
Stress is the cause of many diseases. In particular, the effect of stress on nerve diseases related to the waist and neck has been scientifically proven. We should stay away from stress as much as possible and also rest our body and brain.
A sedentary lifestyle wears out the spine. Sports should be a part of your life. You don't have to do professional sports, but you can have strong muscles and a healthy spine by doing easy and fun sports such as walking, swimming and exercise.
If you are overweight, try to reach your ideal weight. The excessive load on the waist further increases the pressure and facilitates the formation of hernia. Weight is among the most important causes of lumbar hernia.
Be careful when lifting heavy loads. Lifting weights and sudden turns are the main causes of back and neck pain. Lifting a load with unbalanced weight distribution and sudden turns can cause waist and neck hernia. It is very important to keep the back straight and bend the knees while lifting weights. Whatever it is to carry, carry the weights piece by piece or use a utility tool to make your job easier.

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