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What is Laser Lipolysis?

What is Laser Lipolysis?Laser lipolysis, one of the most effective body shaping methods of recent years, is applied to areas where fat tissue is dense.

Diode laser light applied directly to the membrane of the fat cell breaks the cell membrane and allows the fat to be thrown out. During this process, connective tissue and collagen, which lose their elastic properties over time, are also broken down. Instead of the broken connective tissue and collagen, more flexible and more lively new cells are formed.

Laser lipolysis, which brings an innovative perspective to the treatment of regional lubrication and skin laxity, is also applied to the armpit, helping to prevent excessive sweating. 3D laser lipolysis, which provides permanent reduction of fat cells, tightens the skin and prevents cellulite. 3D laser lipolysis, applied using 3 separate lasers, breaks the fibrous bands on the skin and eliminates the roughness. For the application, the area where the lubrication is high is marked and anesthetized in order to reduce the heat effect of the laser beam. A 1-2mm incision is made in the area to be treated, and a 1mm diameter cannula is inserted through which the laser beams will be thrown. Through this cannula, the membranes of the fat cells are exploded and expelled from the body.

Who Is Lipolysis Suitable For?
The procedure can be applied to all healthy people aged 18-75 years. Especially since it is a process for the elimination of permanent and regional fat, it does not provide weight loss. For example, it is not a suitable method for those who are overweight such as 15-30 kilograms. In order to apply the method, it is recommended that individuals lose weight first. It is a suitable treatment method especially for those who have regional fat deposits such as waist, hips, abdomen, arms and those who have cellulite, chin enlargement or eye bags.
• Pregnant or breastfeeding women
• Those with medicine allergies
• Infectious patients
• Kidney patients
• Those with liver damage
• Hemophilia patients
• Cancer patients
• Individuals with a history of ischemic attack
• Individuals who have had a stroke
• Advanced heart patients
• It is not recommended for insulin-dependent diabetics to apply treatment methods such as needle lipolysis, laser lipolysis and cold lipolysis.

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