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Skin spots caused by sun rays

Skin spots caused by sun raysIndispensable for summer months, the sun…

With the warming of the weather, the sun that shows its face may not be as innocent as you think. Which of us does not want to enjoy hours under the sun, but being caught in the sun without protection can bring unwanted spots, especially on the hands, face and other areas exposed to the sun.

Sun rays can cause serious skin problems
Many factors are involved in the formation of sunspots. Especially genetic predisposition and UV rays can be counted among the most effective causes. Apart from this, cosmetic applications, pregnancy and various drugs also affect the formation of sunspots. In areas exposed to the sun; Symptoms can be seen in the form of brown patches, mottled brown spots, or white spots, which we call vitiligo.

Sun spots; pregnancy spots, melasma, freckles and solar lentigo. They are mostly seen on the face, hands, back and decollete.

Freckles occur due to genetic factors and are usually found in people with fair skin color and red hair. freckles are 5 mm in diameter, round or oval brown spots. In case of exposure to sunlight, the body produces more freckles to protect itself and freckles begin to become more pronounced.

Solar Lentigo, which is mostly seen after the age of 30, is mostly seen in the areas of the body that are most exposed to the sun, such as the face, back of the hands, shoulders and neck. They are much larger than freckles and appear as oval brown or black spots. The incidence increases after overdose Puva treatment and in acute sunburns.

Melasma is brown spots that are mostly seen on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and lips. It occurs due to the sun and may occur due to pregnancy, birth control pills, epilepsy treatment. There are different types of melasma as superficial, deep and mixed type and a treatment method is applied according to the depth of the stain. It is more common in people with dark skin.

Pregnancy spots are a type of malady that is encountered during pregnancy. It goes away on its own after birth, otherwise one of the treatment methods of malema can be applied. They become even more pronounced with sunlight.

Berloque eczema, which is a linear or mottled brown spot that often appears on the face, back of the hand, and trunk, is more common in women. It occurs when certain plants and cosmetic products come into contact with the skin and then interact with the sun's rays. Oral antibiotics, especially used in the treatment of acne, can also cause redness and peeling on the skin. In this case, the spots that occur are sunspot due to drugs; It is called a phototoxic drug reaction.

So, is it possible to prevent the formation of sunspots?
It is extremely wrong to think that sunspots are only associated with holidays and sunbathing for hours. We may encounter this problem even while driving, spending time on the balcony or walking on the road. We can only prevent the formation of sunspots or repair damaged skin by applying correct and routine techniques. These;
• First of all, skin care products that are suitable for the skin type and containing 30 UVA and UVB SPF should be used regularly,
• When choosing sunglasses, it should be made by considering its functionality, not its fashion,
• If possible, cotton, breathable and light-colored clothes should be preferred,
• The skin should not be exposed to the sun directly during the hours when the sun's rays are intense,
• Foods containing vitamins A, C, and E should be consumed frequently.
We know that the sun not only has a harmful effect, but also helps the synthesis of vitamin D, which our body needs. However, while meeting this need, it is useful not to be exposed to the sun too much.
Treatment methods used in sunspots, the legacy of summer months

Sunspots cannot occur at the same rate in everyone, and the treatment methods of the spots also differ. Before the treatment, the depth of the stain should be determined and sunscreen suitable for the skin type should be used regardless of summer or winter. While mostly Chemical Peeling, Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser and Stain Mesotherapy are preferred in autumn, PRP or Carbon Peeling spot treatment methods are preferred in summer months.

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