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Don't forget to have your child's health check-ups before starting school.

Don't forget to have your child's health check-ups before starting school.Children's healthy and happy start to school affects their whole lives positively.

General screenings in preschool contribute to a productive school period for children and prevent many diseases that can be encountered in adulthood.
If there is a missing vaccine, get it before school starts.
Preschool check-up is very important. The first step begins with a doctor's examination. The growth of the child is evaluated by measuring the weight and height. Detailed systemic examination and blood pressure measurement are performed. Complete blood count, iron level, complete urinalysis, blood cholesterol-lipid level, stool parasite examination, fasting blood sugar according to familial history, and blood lead level in risky areas are checked. The child's vaccination information or vaccination card should be shared with the doctor. If there are missing vaccines, it should be done in the pre-school period.
Thyroid hormone monitoring is important for the healthy growth of children.
In case the thyroid gland works less, symptoms such as fatigue and slowness with obesity in the child; If he works hard, weakness and irritability develop.
Repeat infancy hearing test preschool
The hearing test, which is given to babies shortly after birth, should be repeated before school. What sounds the child hears should be checked by an otolaryngologist.
Eye problems negatively affect school success
Eye scans to be made before starting school should determine whether the child has amblyopia, strabismus or high-grade refractive errors. In order for the eye with refractive error or slippage to see well, it should be corrected with glasses or surgery at an early age.
Protect your child from urinary tract infections
Children who are just starting primary or kindergarten may have difficulty with hand and toilet cleaning. In this case, as parasites will multiply, upper respiratory tract infections, especially urinary tract infections, are also very common in children. For this reason, children should be taught to clean hands and after toilet very well.
Make sure to visit the dentist
Oral and dental care affects the growth and development of children. It is appropriate for school-age children to carry out these checks before the schools open.
Attention to the risk of allergies in children who have just started school
Young children who have just started school may have some difficulties in entering a new environment. Children may encounter more stimuli than they encountered in their previous lives, and may experience health problems related to them. However, in children who do not have an underlying disease in the immune system or in those who do not develop allergen sensitivity, these problems may decrease over time and do not cause any complications.
Snoring children fail in school
Good sleep is as important as healthy eating in children's success in school. Many scientific studies show that sleep apnea can lead to a decrease in school success and behavioral problems. If your child is snoring when he is not sick, has trouble breathing during sleep, is restless during sleep, sweats at night and is slipping under his feet, specialist help should be sought.
Heavy school bags impair spinal health
Heavy school bags cause spinal curvatures in children, called scoliosis. For this reason, the school bag should be heavy enough not to cause pain in the back and shoulders. If the child needs to carry the school bag, it should not exceed 4 kg until the age of 12 and 5 kg until the age of 15. Care should be taken not to carry the bag for a long time.
Foot pain may not be caused by shoes.
It is wrong to attribute the cause of foot pain in school-age children to newly bought shoes when starting school. There are a number of congenital or acquired disorders that can cause foot pain and affect a child's balance with school. A diagnosis to be made as a result of a simple x-ray performed by a painful outpatient orthopedist and some measures to be taken with treatment directed accordingly will increase the school performance of children.

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